Ancient Zenki and Ancient Goki fan art full version

A fanart from a Filipino fan
(who doesn't want to be named, due to privacy reasons),
depicting Goki and Zenki,
two of our wiki's admins.

Active Admins


50   Freddy (Admin/Mildly Active)

KDZ Wikia Mascots

50   Goki (Admin/Second in charge/Moderately inactive)

50   Vasara (Admin/Third in charge/Less active due to illness)


We currently don't have any moderators and also are not searching for any.

Inactive Admins


50   Semerone (Founder/Inactive due to illness)

50   Zenki (Admin/Head of the Wiki/Inactive due to illness)

50   Scientedfic (Admin/Inactive, not returning)


Avatar6.jpg   TinyOfAxes (Inactive, not returning)

Maintenance bot

50   Elsoraq (Admin/Mostly inactive)

Kishin Douji Zenki Wikia bot AI

This is Semerone's old account, which is being kept around for maintenance reasons.

While the Elsoraq account will be rather inactive, don't worry about any messages left on its message wall.

Semerone is watching the Elsoraq account's message wall and will take notice of them.


If you have any questions, regarding the wiki, or if you have a problem, contact these people. If you want to become an admin, or you think that you are good enough for the position, ask a bureaucrat politely.