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A Visit from outer Space

Chibi zenki anime 2

In this story Zenki and his friends are visited by aliens which make for an exciting change of pace.

Author: Semerone
Date (started): 2016-05-01
Date (finished): 2016-07-28

This was originally started out as Roleplay #1!, but as no one joined the roleplay, I made this into it's own story. This doesn't mean we can't have a completely different roleplay, if anyone joins us in this!

The original version from the roleplay only goes as far as "Suddenly..." from the first Chapter, while the rest is entirely new.

This fan fic also features a few original characters which were made by me and aren't related to the Kishin Douji Zenki series. These are Red, Vyvil and Vyvil's minions (the Pouncers and Wingslashs). If you want to read more about these, please visit my DeviantArt gallery, as this wiki won't have any articles on fan characters.

This is the more mature and also more violent, uncensored version of my fan fiction A Visit from outer Space. The uncensored version is less bowlderized, for example Zenki curses a lot more and Vyvil appears a lot earlier. This version also has some fighting scenes between Zenki and Vyvil, which aren't featured in the other version.

If the uncensored version is too violent for you, feel free to read the censored version which meant for younger audiences.

It wasn't a Nightmare?

Kanzen Kishin Zenki manga

Zenki wakes up from his "nightmare"!

It was like waking up from a nightmare.
Demon God Zenki wakes up on the rooftop of the Enno Shrine and wonders why he's in his true form.
But that's not the only thing. He had a strange dream this night.
He dreamt that he had merely escaped death by an inch in a fight against a powerful foe.
But all he can remember is the foe being a red and black blurred figure that shot the whole place with ten thousands of lightning bolts and blew up everything.

Zenki's head hurts. "Damn. What happened? And why am I in my true form? Who was that strange figure?"
He still wonders, if he dreamt or if it was real.

He looks over to Shikigami-chou to notice the humans running around and working just as usual.
There's nothing strange going on.
"I must have hit my head while sleeping or something like that..."

Akira anime 2

Not only Goki had the same "nightmare", all other inhabitants of the Enno Shrine had it too!

Zenki jumps down to the outside area of the Enno Shrine and notices Goki sitting on a bench.
He walks to him, but notices that for some weird reason, Goki is in his strongest form, yet there are no enemies in sight.
Goki: "Oh, Zenki! I didn't notice you!"
Zenki: "Huh? Goki, why aren't you in your human form?"
Goki: "I was wondering the same thing. Did you have a strange dream, too?"
Zenki: "With a red and black blurred figure attacking us?"
Goki: "So you dreamt the same nightmare?! Something strange happened."
Zenki gives Goki a confused look.

Hiruda defeated cutscene den ei rei bu 2

Our heroes have a serious discussion on that "nightmare" inside the Enno Shrine.

Goki: "I asked Chiaki and the others, too. Everyone had the same strange dream."
Zenki: "This has to be Karuma's or Inugami Roh's doing!"
Goki: "This might be possible. However..."
Zenki: "What?!"
Goki: "I don't think that they are this powerful..."
"If you had the same dream, do you remember how the figure blew up whole Shikigami-chou and left a deep crater?"
Zenki: "Tch-, it's a new foe, then?"
Goki: "We have to go inside and discuss it with the others."
Zenki: "If we have to... Fine."

Shikigami-chou is under attack

Zenki and the others didn't meet the strange blur again, but they had to fight Hyouijuu and other villains at a far greater frequency than usual. They also seemed to appear in groups and in much stronger forms than usual.

Vasara UG Zenki manga


Things went so rough that Chiaki had to summon Vasara to aid them. It was very hard to control Vasara and he often left in mid-battle and stating that he had more important things to do.

When they weren't fighting, Zenki and his friends were treating their wounds. They hardly got any rest while Vasara went out into the village and the wilderness around it. No one knew what he was doing, but also no one cared, as they had enough trouble already.

But when things got really tough, a girl with kangaroo-like feet, facial markings and fangs, wearing a brown cloak, would appear and aid them. Zenki and his friends were grateful for any help they could get, but they never got to know who or what this girl was.

Hiruda defeated cutscene den ei rei bu

Red returns to the stage!

Sometimes when Zenki was resting on the rooftop of the Enno Shrine or wandering through the village in search for Hyouinomi, the girl would cross his path and sit beside him or walk with him.

At one occasion, he was wandering through a dark alleyway and got inside a warehouse while sniffing around. Chibi Zenki had already memorized the scent of the girl and wasn't surprised when she suddenly appeared.

Chibi zenki anime 2

Chibi Zenki and Red have another conversation.

Chibi Zenki (in a serious tone): "Finally we get to meet each other in private..."
The girl smiled at him.
Chibi Zenki: "Everytime we meet, you help me and the others. But you haven't told us your name or why you're doing this."
"You... you also got back the Hyouinomi from Roh and Kokutei, when they tried to take them away from me. And you treated the wounds of me and the others."
"But you... You are always at me and caring more for me than you care for the others..."

The girl seemed very happy.
Chibi Zenki: "I don't know how I should feel about this. When you care for me, I feel warm and fuzzy, but I also have a strange feeling that I know you and not in a good way..."
The girl seemed a little bit sad.

Chibi Zenki: "Well... First off, what's your name? I'm the great Zenki-Sama!"
The girl chuckles, then she answers him: "My name is Red!"
Zenki is confused. "Red? Hmm... I have heard that name somewhere. I just don't know where."
He is slightly afraid and thinks to himself: "Damn. For some reason, I'm afraid of that girl. But I can't tell her!"

Ending cutscene den ei rei bu 3

Zenki is afraid of Red. His fear intensifies as the conversation goes on!

Red looks at him, then she walks up to him and crouches.
Zenki is even more confused and slightly more scared, but he does his best not to show his fear.
Red hugs him and licks his cheek.
Zenki: "What the heck are you doing?!"
Red whispers into his ear: "I know your weakness."
Zenki: "W-What?!"
Red glares at him. She hasn't forgotten what happened back in that day in Chapter 10.
Zenki: "Heh. I-I don't know what you are talking about."
Red whispers: "Don't make me mad again, or I will cut right through your neck and behead you."
Zenki shivers and sweats. He jumps away from her and immediately breaks his seal.

Zenki Den Ei Rei Bu 4

Another fight between Zenki and Red ends as quickly as it began.

Demon God Zenki: "D-Damn?! Who told you that?!"
Red gets up and takes her hood off.
She glares at him and says: "Don't even dare to annoy me."
Zenki is so afraid, he charges at Red with his Diamond Horn extended from his fist, but she summons a golden void sword and surplexes Zenki.

He lays on his belly and tries to get away, but it's already to late.
Red is standing on top of his upper back and her blade threatens to cut his neck.

Zenki is very afraid: "Damn you! Why are you doing this to me?!"
Red: "Respect me. Fear me. You will be mine."
Zenki: "What?! You stinking bitch! How could you dare to give me orders?!"
Red: "You are so cute when you're angry."
He struggles, but fails to free himself. Red places some strange curse on Zenki.
Zenki: "What's this power?!"

Zenki can now freely change forms and summon his Diamond Axe, but his life is now bound to Red's.
Goki Saki Chiaki Tou Kishin Zenki manga

Battle Demon God Zenki reunites with his friends.

If Red dies, so does Zenki, but not the other way around.

Red lets him go and Zenki immediately gets up, turns into his Battle Demon God form, summons his Diamond Axe and attacks her, but she lifts her finger and immobilizes him.
Zenki: "D-Damn!"
Red walks up to him and kisses Zenki while gently caressing his cheek.
Then she takes a few steps back, turns around and as she leaves, she says: "You belong to me..."
She vanishes into thin air.

Zenki can move again, but he's very confused.
Soon after he leaves, he reunites with Goki and the others.
Zenki is way too confused and too afraid to tell anyone about what happened.

Red versus Vyvil

Anjura manga 2

Vyvil is very amused to meet Red.

Soon after her encounter with Zenki, Red meets Vyvil somewhere in the clouds above the city.
Red: "Vyvil?! I had to know that you were behind this!"
Vyvil: "See who we have there... It's my old nemesis Red."

Saki chiaki anime

Red is ready to fight with everything she's got!

Red lifts her finger and starts glowing white while Vyvil starts glowing red.
Just like Red collects her strength and emits a holy and healing aura, Vyvil starts to heat up the whole place with her hot body (no pun intended).

Red notices that if the temperature rises any further, it might get too hot for the locals, so she emits some cold to cool down the place and negate Vyvil's weather effect.
Vyvil: "Always playing the heroine and trying to save everyone, aren't ye? But by protecting everyone else, you give me an edge."

Zenki Rudora manga 2

Red and Vyvil are so powerful that a giant orb forms from their immense energies clashing! It looms above Shikigami-chou and threatens to tear appart reality itself!

Vyvil now bursts out in flames while Red fights back.
But trying to protect both Shikigami-chou and fighting Vyvil gives the vicious Vyvil enough of an edge to defeat Red.

Red crashes into a mountain and has to rest, but Vyvil immediately follows her.
Red: "No. I can't let you win!"
As Red passes out, Vyvil walks up to her and connects with her mind.

Vyvil: "Huh? What's this? Disappointment? Envy? Hate?"
"Who could have thought that the greatest good would feel in such ways about the one she loves and his friend."
"So. Who are these?"

Vyvil dives into Red's mind.

Red's mind

Inside Red's mind, Vyvil finds a purple and sleeping version of Red.
Vyvil walks up to her and says: "I saw that something disappoints you, you envy someone and hate someone or something. Answer me what that's all about!"

Chiaki manga

Red's soul answers Vyvil's questions.

Red's subconcious can't fight back and readily answers: "I fell in love with Zenki, but he said that he doesn't like me back. He even screamed at me. I was very disappointed..."
"I'm envious of Chiaki, because she can spend time with Zenki, while all I get is to look at him..."
"I hate Zenki and his friends, but especially Zenki and Chiaki! I want Zenki to be mine! Mine! Mine!!!"

Vyvil stares at the purple subconcious, but then she chuckles.
"Seems like joining forces with Karuma wasn't so useless..."
"We will merge into one and your desires will be fulfilled, but so will be mine! He-Hahahaha!!!"

Hyouinomi manga 2 new

Vyvil uses a Hyouinomi to fuse with Red.

Vyvil walks into the purple subconcious and now her feet are inside it.
Vyvil: "Hey! Karuma! I need one of your stupid seeds! Give me the best one you have! Something spicy with lots of hellish flames!"
Karuma doesn't answer, suddenly a Hyouinomi appears in Vyvils hand.
Vyvil checks it out and swallows it.
It works!

Karuma anime 2

Vyvil and Red merge into something else...

Vyvil and the purple subconcious merge into one.
Outside Red's mind, Red's and Vyvil's unconcious bodies draw closer to each other and then they merge, too.

A woman with black hair (with a purple glint to it), purple eyes and purple fingernails stands up.
She wears a red loincloth, a necklace made of claws and shoulderplates with three horns on each of them.
She also has three horns each at her elbows, knees and calves.
The woman has a tiara similar to Demon God Zenki's, but it has a purple crystal like that of Chibi Zenki instead of a third eye.

Karuma tree anime

They become Xia Kiyushira. A creatress which combines both of their powers. He sheer presence tears black holes into the depths of space.

She exclaims: "The Grand-Creatress Kishin Xia Kiyushira has risen!"
Xia Kiyushira cracks her void whip and lets out an evil laugh.
"But my friends may call me Kiyu."

Kiyu leaves the mountain and heads towards Shikigami-chou to fulfill her desires.

Your feelings. Unleashed. Your desire. Their doom.

Ending cutscene den ei rei bu


Kiyu enters Shikigami-chou. She exerts a very powerful and dangerous aura.
As she sees a few humans passing by, they notice her, turn around to stare at her and start screaming in fear.
Then they run away.

Karuma Den Ei Rei Bu 3

Xia Kiyushira is bored.

Kiyu leaps onto a nearby rooftop and continues walking, wiggling with her hips and holding her void whip with her right hand.
The humans and animals continue noticing her because of her aura.
Kiyu is bored: "They are all the same... All of them run and cover in fear of my wrath..."
She twirls some of her hair around her left pointer finger and yawns.

Zenki Rudora manga 2

We can see yet another display of a creatress' strength...

After some time, she gets so bored, that he starts cracking her whip, causing whole houses to levitate in mid-air, turn to dust.
Then the dust rises even higher and vanishes into an invisible black hole or something like that.

Zombie sprite Battle Raiden

If people or animals are too close, they immediately wither into a zombie-like state and quickly become snot-like puddles that melt into the ground.

An awful stench of death and rotten eggs fills the air.
Kiyu waves her left hand in front of her face: "Ewww... That stinks!"

She somehow manipulates the puddles, so they now smell like roses instead of that disgusting stench.

Kiyu: "Ah... That's way better."

Kiyu marches on, but before she can do anything else, Karuma and her minions appear.
Karuma stares at Kiyu and says: "Huh? What do we have here?"

Karuma defeated 2x cutscene den ei rei bu 7

Karuma and co. enter the scene and leave just as fast as they came, even if the latter was involuntarily.

Kiyu makes a very bored expression and Karuma's eye starts twitching.
Karuma: "Who are you? Answer me or die!"

Kiyu picks her ear and yawns.

When Karuma and her minions attack Kiyu, Kiyu cracks her whip at them, annihilating Karuma's whole party (including Karuma) and making half of Shikigami-chou and half of the whole forest levitate and disappear!

Kiyu: "What do you want from me...? I guess it doesn't matter anymore..."

Kiyu keeps marching on.

Chibi Zenki anime 3 new

Chibi Zenki is the first one to notice Xia Kiyushira

Chibi Zenki lays on the Enno Shrines rooftop just as usual, when he notices the scent of roses intensifying more and more.
He gets up and starts sniffing.

Akira who is working outside and having a chat with Chiaki notices this.
Akira: "Zenki? What is it? Did you find another Hyouinomi?"
Chiaki is surprised and says: "I don't think so. L-Look at the village!"

Chiaki scared sprite Den Ei Rei Bu

Akira and Chiaki look at the village, noticing more and more of it levitating into the sky and disappearing!

Chibi Zenki: "Nah... Chiaki, don't answer things for me. I have my own mouth to do that!"
"Wha? What's going on out there?! Is it a Hyouijuu?!"

Chibi Zenki jumps down and lands beside Chiaki.
Chiaki immediately turns him into his true form.

Goki anime 4

Akira warns Zenki of advancing in a situation like this

Demon God Zenki: "What?! Ah... Whatever... Seems like there's a very strong opponent out there! I can't wait to fight it!"
Akira: "This is way too dangerous, Zenki! We can't just rush there! We need a plan!"
Zenki: "Ugh... Fine... Whatever..."

They go inside the Enno Shrine and talk to the others.

Kiyu gets closer and closer to the Enno Shrine, destroying everything in her path.

The darkest hour

Vasara manga 2

Vasara laughs at Zenki

Chiaki, Zenki and Goki step out of the Enno Shrine wearing their full attires.
Vasara has taken his chance and now lays on top of the roof, making fun of Zenki because he's now occupying Zenki's favorite spot.

Miki Souma is still unable to fight and grandmother Saki takes care of him while Kazue, Jukai and Kuribayashi try their best to defend them.

Everyone is as ready as they could be, when what looks like a female Kishin appears out of the sandstorm that has been brewing for awhile now.

Vasara eyes her curiously from the rooftop and starts to whistle. Then he jumps down and joins Chiaki, Zenki and Goki.
Chiaki immediately calls him a pervert and hits him in the head.
Vasara doesn't bother and walks up to what seems to be a potential mate.

Chiaki gets really mad and tries to stop him, but Goki gently holds her back while Zenki picks his ear and looks up to the sky.

Chiaki Lulupapa anime

Lulupapa calms down Chiaki

Chiaki quickly calms down when Lulupapa lets out a soft purr and snuggles to her neck.
She almost forgot about Lulupapa who was staying by her side all the time, sitting on Chiaki's shoulder and cheering on our heroes.

Goki anime 3

Goki tries to protect everyone

Chiaki pets Lulupapa while Goki makes a quick move and now stands in front of them.
Goki: "Master! Get behind me, I will protect you with my strength."

Zenki is still staring at the sky and now picks his other ear.
He lets out a yawn and then sneezes, then he shakes himself and starts to blink.
After that he starts to play with his Diamond Axe.
He throws it into the air and catches it multiple times, then he gets bored and walks over to Chiaki and Goki.

Akira manga

Goki tries to comfort Vasara

Vasara grins and tries to impress the female Kishin by showing off.
He plays with his muscles and shows his horns, then he shots a Vajura at a boulder, blowing it to pieces and leaving a small crater.
The female Kishin just stands there, still staring at the ground.
Her face can't be seen as it's hidden by a fuzzy tuft of hair.

Chibi-vasara fan art

Chibi Vasara fails and runs off

Vasara wonders why she isn't impressed.
He lets out a whine and let's his ears hang, then he walks back to Chiaki, Zenki and Goki, curls up and starts to cry.
Goki turns around and pets Vasara on the head.
Vasara: "I was so awesome... (sniff) How couldn't she be impressed by me...?"
Vasara turns into a Chibi and runs off into the shrine.

Chibi Vasara sits down beside the injured Miki Souma and curls up again.
Vasara's sobs and crying can now be heard coming from inside the Enno Shrine.

Goki and Chiaki get worried while Zenki continues playing with his axe.
Then Jukai takes Goki's place and pets Vasara.
Vasara continues sobbing, but at least now there's someone else who cares about his feelings.

Akira manga 2

Goki wants Chiaki to be careful

Now Chiaki stands beside Zenki while Goki walks up to the female Kishin.
Goki readies himself for a fight and summons his "Immovable Dragon Staff".
Goki: "Be careful, Master! I assume that this girl is the one who destroyed Shikigami-chou."

The female Kishin lets out a sigh and starts to chuckle.
Now she raises her head and her face can be seen.
Xia Kiyushira: "I'm Xia Kiyushira, but my friends call me Kiyu."

Goki and Chiaki look at her while Zenki continues playing with the axe and accidentally hits himself in the head with its flat side.
Zenki: "Ow! Damn it!"
Zenki throws his axe away and the Diamond Axe gets stuck in a tree trunk.

Chiaki chibi zenki anime 3

Chiaki gets mad at Zenki

Kiyu hums a tune then she says: "I have introduced myself, but who might you be?"
When Goki and Chiaki try to introduce themselves, Zenki interrupts them and says: "I'm the great Zenki-sama, the strongest Kishin in the entire universe!"

Chiaki gets mad and hits Zenki in the head.

Zenki curses.

Chiaki: "I'm Chiaki Enno, a priestess in training and the heir to the great master Ozunu Enno, the greatest Bodhisattva of Japan."
Goki: "I'm Goki, a Kishin and loyal servant to my young master."

Chibi Zenki anime 3 new

Zenki laughs at Xia Kiyushira and completely underestimates her.

Kiyu grins and says: "Heh. Nice to meet you guys, but I have to admit that the reasons I'm here for are to annihilate this whole place and take that cute little fuzzyball of a Kishin with me that calls himself Zenki-sama."

Chiaki, Goki and Zenki look at each other, then Zenki facepalms and starts laughing.
Zenki: "Even if you are a Kishin, too, you're just a woman. How do think to possibly archieve your goals, when you are probably a very weak Kishin who doesn't even have any proper armor or weapons."

Kiyu stretches and takes off her armor.

Chiaki and Lulupapa start making a funny dance while Goki blushes and turns away.

Cho Kishin Zenki anime 4

Zenki's can't grasp what's going on anymore.

Zenki: "What the?! Kishin aren't supposed to be able take off their armor! It's a part of our body!"
Kiyu seductively wiggles her hips, stretches again, leans forward with her chin leaning in on one of her palms and says: "Well, I can just grow a new armor any time I want. Do you have a problem with that?", while making a challenging gesture towards Zenki with the pointer finger of her other hand.
Zenki: "Huh? What is that supposed to mean?!"

Kiyu closes her eyes, walks towards Zenki and kisses him on the cheek, then she walks away while rising her chin.
Zenki: "What the?!"

Chiaki: "That shameless woman! How could you dare to strip yourself naked in front of my demon gods!"
Lulupapa makes an angry face: "Lulupa!"

Goki anime 4

Goki casts another shield, but it can only take one hit. Xia Kiyushira is just too powerful.

Goki (still turned away): "..."

Kiyu laughs and out of nowhere cracks her void whip at them, annihilating the whole shrine, leaving everyone else in the open daylight.

Goki reacts quickly and protects them with his shield before they can get hurt, but as soon as the void whip hits Goki's shield, it is immediately destroyed.

Zenki is impressed by this woman's great strength and smirks: "Finally a worthy opponent for the great Zenki-sama!"
Chiaki: "Zenki!!! Stop bragging and get her!"
Zenki cracks his knuckles while Goki turns around, shakes off his blush and says: "I will do anything that is needed to protect my Master, even if it means that I have to hit a woman..."

Rudora escape anime

Xia Kiyushira's wrath is way more fierce than Rudra!

Kiyu sighs and says: "Stop trying guys. You're no match for me."
She gently waves her hand and screams: "One billionth percent, Admin Erase Wrath!"

Goki quickly errects another shield as a large white wave tears the whole landscape apart and immediately destroys his shield with its great force.

Everyone (except Kiyu) is screaming.
Then there's nothing but silence.

Kishin to the rescue

Cho Kishin Zenki anime 4

Zenki didn't notice he accidentally hit Goki and berates him on loafing around.

A few hours later the thick dust is gone and all that's left of Shikigami-chou and the surrounding landscape is a deep, smoking, black crater.

Suddenly a shield glows and Goki rises from the ashes.
Zenki gets up and accidentally hits Goki in the groin with his head.
Goki groans and keels over.

Zenki: "Damn it, Goki! That strange woman took Chiaki with her and killed everyone else!"
Zenki looks over to Goki who lays on the ground clutching his family jewels.

"Hey, Goki! What are you doing?! There's no time for loafing around! We need to save Chiaki!"
Goki turns around, glares at Zenki and punches him in the same place.

Goki anime 4

Goki thinks that Zenki hit him on purpose and punches back. After Zenki asks Goki why he punched him, Goki immediately notices that it was just an accident and immediately forgives Zenki.

Zenki: "Woah! What are you doing, you idiot?!"
Goki gets up and keeps glaring at Zenki.
Zenki: "Why did you punch me in the dick and why are you glaring at me like this?!"
Goki lets out an angry growl, then he sighs and aks Zenki if he can pick up Chiaki's scent so they can find her.
Zenki: "Sure!"

He immediately starts sniffing and finds Chiaki's scent.
Now Zenki and Goki follow the trail and soon come across what seems like the burned remains of the forest, where they find a strange portal.

They see no other way of progressing, so they risk it and walk right through the portal.
They end up in a weird place with lots of fog and a blue, sand-like ground.

Chiaki fry Chibi Zenki English

Zenki accidentally fries himself!

As they traverse this foreign place, they come across a few hot springs and soon notice some kind of temple standing in the middle of nowhere.

When Zenki and Goki get to the temple, Goki searches for a way inside, while Zenki tries to open it by force.
Goki quickly jumps out of the way when Zenki decides to shoot a Vajura at the temple.
The crystal-like surface of the temple reflects the Vajura back at Zenki and hits him.
Zenki: "Oof!"

Akira manga

Goki gets worried and tries to help Zenki.

Zenki ends up sitting on his behind when Goki runs over to him and asks Zenki if everything is alright.
He grunts and says: "I'm fine!"

They find something that looks like a door, but it's too heavy to move.
It is round, about Zenki's height, has an ice-blue coloration and a purple symbol in the middle that depicts a five fingered hand.
Goki and Zenki try to press their palms on the hand-symbol thinking that it might be some kind of switch, but nothing happens.

Zenki: "Curses! I can smell it! They went right through this door! Is there no other way in?!"
Goki keeps on searching while Zenki punches the strange, ice-blue temple to no avail.

Akira manga 2

After making a significant discovery, Goki wisely decides to go and join back up with Zenki instead of making a risky advance all by himself.

Goki soon finds a large lake and dives into it.
He finds some kind of hidden underground tunnel.
Before he goes on, he decides to tell Zenki about his discovery.

Goki finds Zenki on top of the temple, trying to pry a door open with his Diamond Horn.
His horn breaks. Zenki: "Shit! Nothing is working!"

Goki tells Zenki about the lake and the hidden tunnel.
Zenki: "Great! You know how much I hate swimming, but I guess we have no other choice..."

They go to the lake and dive.
After traversing the submerged underground tunnel for awhile, they finally find an air pocket.
Goki: "Whew, that was close!"
Zenki: "You moron! We could have drowned!"

Kishin Zenki transform manga

Unlike Goki, Zenki is a bad swimmer and almost runs out of air while traversing the hidden route leading to Xia Kiyushira's home.

Before Zenki can go on ranting, the see another round door with that hand symbol they saw earlier, but this one doesn't look like it has been closed properly.
Zenki grins and extends another Diamond Horn from his fist.

Goki and Zenki pry the door open.
It rolls to the side and gets stuck in a little cave in that seems to have been made exactly for that purpose.
Whatever, now they can finally get in and save Chiaki!

Goki tenchi meidou

Goki finds Chiaki, but despite his careful advance, Xia Kiyushira doesn't seem fond of him and quickly ends his life in a way equally to a human squashing an insect. This is another display of how outmatched our heroes are in face of a creatress.

For some reason it's almost completely dark inside that temple and only some crystals shimmer in a weak light.
Anyways, Goki runs in and calls out for Chiaki.
Chiaki's voice can be heard, but it sounds as if she was gagged or something.

Goki carefully walks toward the sound when he sees a bound and gagged Chiaki hanging from a rope on the ceiling.
Goki: "Master!"
Chiaki: "Mpfhmpfi!!!" (Goki!)

Goki quickly casts a shield when his instinct tells him that he's being attacked by something, but his shield is too weak and Goki's whole body gets impaled by large, silver crystal thorns.
Chiaki let's out a scream, but it sounds more like a whine.
Blood runs down the sides of Goki's mouth as he tries to struggle and get off the spikes.

Zenki is still standing in the small cave, because he was too tired from having to swim and then prying open that door.
Chiaki sees Zenki and let's out an angry: "Mmppffi!" (Zenki!)

Kanzen Kishin Zenki manga

Despite Chiaki calling him out for not helping Goki, Zenki had his reasons. He is still tired from diving through that tunnel. When Zenki sees Goki's death, he cries manly tears in face of his fallen comrade.

Zenki falls onto his knees, spits out some water and breathes heavily, he can't help Goki right now and he knows that as much as he would like to tell Chiaki to shut up, it might attract what attacked Goki and get him into a situation as bad as his comrade's.

As Goki loses more and more blood, he gets weaker and weaker.
Goki: "M-Master..."

Tears roll down Chiaki's face.

A giant hand appears out of nowhere and crushes poor Goki, leaving only a bloody mess behind.
Chiaki let's out a horrified whince and cries even more.

Zenki is just as horrified as Chiaki and lets out a silent curse.
Now Zenki has to save Chiaki as despite his heroic acts, Goki is a goner.

Zenki takes himself together and carefully walks into the room.

A desperate struggle

Kishin Zenki anime

Zenki is ready!

Zenki Vajura Mahar anime

He unleashes his wrath,...

Kishin Zenki anime 2

...but his opponent is so powerful that he can't even scratch her!

Zenki sealed anime 2

He gets cornered and get a taste of Xia Kiyushira's power!

Zenki grabs his Diamond Axe and readies himself for a fight.
The female Kishin from earlier appears out of the darkness and leaps down, landing in front of him.

Chiaki: "Mpfhmpfm!" (Chiaki is angry and curses)

Zenki: "Huh? You still haven't put on some clothes, woman?"
Kiyu gets up in front of him and puts on a vicious smile.

Zenki: "Heh. You are just a woman. What did I expect?"
Chiaki: "Hmpfimpfhmpfi!!!" (Zenki, you idiot!)

Kiyu turns around and Zenki readies himself.
Zenki: "You fool. Turning your back against me was your first mistake!"
He attacks Kiyu with his Diamond Axe.
The Diamond Axe breaks to pieces, but Zenki doesn't stop and now punches her with his extended Diamond Horns.

Zenki uses all of his moves against Kiyu, who just stands there with her back turned at him.

Zenki is exhausted and breathes heavily: "Damn you! How can this be? I couldn't even scratch her!"
Chiaki is crying again, already seeing Zenki die before her mind's eye.

Kiyu chuckles and turns around.
Zenki glares at her as she gently waves her hand.

He barely avoids the large, silver crystal thorns by backstepping a few times.
Then it's the end of the line for him.
Zenki's back hits the wall and he can't retreat any further.
He grunts and starts sweating.
He also notices that the door he came in is now closed.

Kiyu chuckles and gently waves her hand again.
Before Zenki can avoid another set of large, silver crystal thorns, gets impaled from behind by even longer ones with hooks on them.
Chiaki lets out a horrified: "Mpfmi!" (Zenki!)

Kishin Zenki Tenchi Meidou intro

Zenki acts tough, but in truth he has received quite a blow.

Karuma Den Ei Rei Bu 4

Xia Kiyushira is very amused. Of cause, she doesn't even take him slightly seriously.

Zenki rudora anime 2

Zenki uses his strongest attack, the Rudra. Will it be enough to stop Xia Kiyushira?

Chiaki chibi zenki anime 2

Chiaki and Zenki are reunited, but obviously, Rudra didn't even scratch Xia Kiyushira.

Kanzen Kishin Zenki manga

Zenki doesn't take his master's death lightly,...

Kanzen Kishin Zenki manga 4 English

...he strives for revenge!

Battle Raiden Zenki dies Japanese

It doesn't do him any good.

Zenki: "(groan) Damn you! Do you really think that... cheap tricks... (huff) like these... will take down... (huff) the great Zenki-sama?!"
Zenki takes one step after another and gets torn up by the hooked thorns while he tries to get Kiyu.

When Zenki is at the end of the thorns, he breaks them off and spits out some blood.
He is badly wounded, but takes himself together and brags: "Heh... Heh... You... really thought, that would be it?"

Chiaki is glad that Zenki is okay, but is worried about him.

Kiyu laughes as Zenki cracks his fists, extends a new set of Diamond Horns all over his body and walks toward her in a threatening stance, giving her a death glare.

Kiyu: "Aww... Did I make you mad? You are really pissed, aren't you?"
She makes a cute face, nudges her head to the side and chuckles, then she gently moves her finger.

Another set of large, silver crystal thorns comes from the ground at great velocity.
In the fraction of a second, Zenki gets impaled before he has any time to react.

Blood runs down from his mouth as he groans, but then he starts to struggle again and lets out a fierce roar.
Zenki is really furious now, he unleashes Rudra and...

The Bracelet of Protection protects Chiaki from the blast, but it also frees her from being bound and gagged.
Before she can hit the floor, a blood covered Zenki reaches out and catches her.

Chiaki immediately heals his wounds as he got wounded so badly that he's struggling to breathe.
Zenki thanks Chiaki and gets up, then he turns around.

Kiyu is just standing there with her back turned to them.
She chuckles and Chiaki starts burning.

Chiaki screams as Zenki desperately tries to extinguish the fire with his Gale Dragon!
He can't do anything and Chiaki burns to death!

Kiyu chuckles even more.
Zenki clenches his fist and charges at her in a furious rage.
He is impaled again.

Everytime he frees himself he is impaled again and again, till he's too weak.

Zenki is stuck on the wall, but he's too weak to take another walk through those hooks.
He desperately struggles.
He is all bloody and injured so badly that if it weren't for these thorns impaling him, he would be crawling on the floor.

Kiyu now turns around and walks up to him.
She walks right through the thorns and hooks like a ghost walking through solid matter!

Then she is close enough, so that Zenki and Kiyu can feel each other's breath.
Zenki: "You... You... damn... stinking... bitch..."
Kiyu licks the blood from his face and leans against him.
Zenki: "Why... aren't... you... killing me...?"
Kiyu turns around and looks into his eyes, she seems very excited.
Zenki: "What are you... planning to do with me...?"

Kiyu chuckles, then she presses her body against his and gives him a long and passionate kiss.
Zenki's mind goes completely blank.

Abducted by aliens

Zenki sleep Battle Raiden cutout

Zenki is woken up by the sun.

Kishin Zenki breathing

Zenki is confused. He can't remember anything about his past life.

Cho Kishin Zenki anime 4

He finds a note and reads it. Now he's even more confused.

Chibi Zenki anime 3 new

Well, let's go back to bed, because there's nothing else to be done.

The sunlight shines through a window and into Zenki's face.
Zenki: "Mrrrbrrr..."

He wakes up in a soft bed, covered by a blanket.

For some strange reason he isn't a Chibi, but in his true form.
Zenki sits on the bed and shakes his head.
He can't remember what happened to him.

When he smells the delicious scent of Hyouinomi, he turns his head to the left to find a bowl with three of them and a note.
Zenki is very suprised and quickly gobbles them up.

He makes an adorable catface and reads the note.

"Dear Zenki-sama,

you are now freed from your seals and your past as a servant to humanity.
Feel free to do anything you want, but please come back, so we can get to know each other and so I can give you more of those Hyouinomi from these trees I planted for you.
You probably can't remember anything, but that's for the better.
You are a free Demon God.
Enjoy your stay, this is your new home.

Xia Kiyushira

PS: feel free to call me Kiyu"

Zenki scratches his head and wonders who this Kiyu is.
He puts the note back onto the table and goes outside, then he jumps up on the rooftop and dozes off.

The End.