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A Visit from outer Space

Chibi zenki anime 2

In this story Zenki and his friends are visited by aliens which make for an exciting change of pace.

Author: Semerone
Date (started): 2016-05-01
Date (finished): 2016-06-16

This was originally started out as Roleplay #1!, but as no one joined the roleplay, I made this into it's own story. This doesn't mean we can't have a completely different roleplay, if anyone joins us in this!

The original version from the roleplay only goes as far as "Suddenly..." from the first Chapter, while the rest is entirely new.

This fan fic also features a few original characters which were made by me and aren't related to the Kishin Douji Zenki series. These are Red, Vyvil and Vyvil's minions (the Pouncers and Wingslashs). If you want to read more about these, please visit my DeviantArt gallery, as this wiki won't have any articles on fan characters.

A Visitor from outer Space

It's a nice and sunny day at the Enno Shrine.

Chibi Zenki is sleeping at the rooftops as usual.
He wakes up as his stomach starts to grumble, picks his right ear, yawns and says: "Heh. I could eat a really big Hyouinomi right now."
Zenki starts sniffing, but is disappointed as he doesn't smell any Hyouinomi or any scent of food whatsoever.

Something is wrong today.

Suddenly, Zenki notices a foreign scent and spots a strange, humanoid, female creature.
The girl quickly jumps from a nearby rooftop into a tree, only her eyes can be seen as she carefully hides herself.

Zenki isn't bothered just lets out a bored "Heh."
He lays down again and continues to watch the girl.

She curiously eyes him from her hiding spot and makes a cute smile.
The girl picks a few fruits and makes a little basket.
She carefully puts the fruits into the basket and jumps to Zenki's place.
Zenki continues watching her and doesn't bother to move.
The girl keeps smiling and presents Zenki the food.
Zenki's belly starts grumbling.
He takes a fruit, sniffs at it, carefully inspecting it before putting it into his mouth.
She makes an even more adorable smile as Zenki eats one fruit after another till the basket is empty.
Zenki doesn't even thank her, but she happily jumps away and is gone.

Why won't you wake up?

The now stuffed Chibi Zenki goes into the Enno Shrine and notices that everyone else is still sleeping.
That's very unusual, as Akira is often the first one who gets up and starts working at his art.

Zenki goes into Chiaki's room and finds Chiaki sleeping with Lulupapa on top of her.
Chibi Zenki gets mad and starts poking Chiaki in the face, but nothing happens.

Angry Chibi Zenki runs off, searching for the strange creature, he met earlier, believing her to be the culprit now.
The girl is nowhere to be found and Zenki starts moving along the rooftops.
Shikigami-chou is bustling as ever, only the residents of the Enno Shrine seem to be affected by this strange event.

Zenki now gets really worried. "Curses! What if Karuma or her servants attack while I'm like this?! I will be screwed!"

He runs off into the forest and finds Karuma, Guren, Goura, Anju and two Hyouijuu standing at the bottom of a well, talking to each other.
Zenki lets out a silent curse and quickly leaves, going back to the village rooftops. (Karuma and her kin don't notice him)

While moving along the rooftops, he spots the creature again.
This time she is petting a small Hyouijuu, feeding it some fish.
The Hyouijuu is happy and jumps onto her lap like a dog.

Zenki now thinks that he is right and slowly approaches without being noticed.

Friend or foe? Or maybe none of both at all?

As the girl's new "dog" suddenly curls up and starts growling, she looks at Chibi Zenki who leaps at her.
The girl swiftly gets up and gently sidesteps Zenki's attack, which causes him to fall face first onto the roof tiles.

As Zenki gets up and starts growling as well, the girl puts the small Hyouijuu into her basket and quickly places it somewhere safe.

Zenki doesn't ask any questions and attacks her again.
The girl sidesteps him again and he makes another faceplant at the roof tiles.
Zenki gets up and exclaims: "Stop avoiding me, you stupid woman! Fight me like a man!"
The girl starts to chuckle, which makes Zenki even more annoyed.

Zenki seal break anime

Chibi Zenki turns into...

Zenki transform battle raiden 3

...Demon God Zenki!

Chibi Zenki clenches his fists, grumbles and runs off to the Enno Shrine, because he can't beat that girl.
He quickly enters Chiaki's room again and now wildly shakes her and screams: "Curses, Chiaki! Transform me, immediately!"
Chiaki takes and cuddles Lulupapa. They both continue sleeping.

Zenki snatches the Bracelet of Protection away and reads Chiaki's dairy, searching for the spell to break his seals.
After finding what he wants, Zenki holds the Bracelet of Protection above his head and exclaims:

"And now I awaken the Demon God! Unlock the holy spell with the secret sword! Break free, Vajura on Ark! Rise up, Zenki!"

First, nothing happens, but as Zenki gets really mad, the Bracelet of Protection starts glowing and his seals break.
Demon God Zenki hits his head on the ceiling: "Ow!"

Zenki involuntarily bows and gets outside, exclaiming: "The God Zenki has risen!"
...and walks straight into a doorframe, hitting his head again. Zenki: "Curses!"

An unseen girl starts laughing at him.

The stranger's introduction

Zenki gets mad and calls out: "Who is there? Show yourself!"

The creature from earlier jumps out of a tree, cracks her neck and gives him a cute smile while nudging her head to the side.
Zenki is confused: "You did this to my friends, didn't you?!"
The girl gives off a confused purr.
Zenki: "Huh? Can't you speak, woman?"

Before he can continue saying anything the girl smiles at him and says: "What are you talking about? I didn't do anything to your friends."

Zenki: "What?! I don't believe you! Who are you anyway?! ..."
Girl: "May I introduce myself? I'm Red, a well-known heroine across the entire..."
Before Red can continue saying anything, Zenki bolts out: "I don't care! Tell me what you did to them or I will beat it out of you!"

Red: "I already told you, that I did nothing to your friends."

Zenki lets out an angry growl and glares at her.

Red sighs, calmly walks up to him and gently caresses his cheek with her hand.

Zenki is even more confused now, blushes and quickly jumps away from her.
"Oi! Woman! Why aren't you afraid of me? What is wrong with you?!"

Red nudges her head to the side and says: "Why are you so mad at me? I didn't do anything to your friends."

Zenki is still very confused: "..."

Red: "And you are cute when you are angry, even though I've just met you."

Zenki is now even more weirded out: "Ok...? So you didn't put a strange sleep curse on my friends?"

Red smiles in the most adorable fashion possible.

Zenki starts feeling all strange and is still blushing: "Uh...? So can you help me to find the real culprit or lift the curse?"

Red: "Of cause, I can try to help you find them."

Red makes strikes an innocent and humble pose and says: "But... Eh... I don't know how put this curse on them... So? Do you have a scent or trail or something we could follow?"


Red: "What's wrong with you? Hello, uh... I don't know your name..."

Zenki stands there like a statue, still blushing: "I... I'm Zenki... Uh..."

Red: "Huh? That's a nice name."

Zenki: "You think so? Hehehe..."

Red is confused and asks Zenki again if everything is alright.
Zenki stands there like a statue for what feels like ages, till he answers her: "I... I never thought... I never thought I would call a girl cute, but..."
Red nudges her head to the side and makes a questioning face.
Zenki stares at her for a long time.
Red gets worried and pokes him.

Zenki: "You are cute..."
Zenki passes out, scaring Red and causing her to leap a meter into the air!

Zenki's Dilemma

Chibi Zenki wakes up and finds himself at the fireplace inside the Enno Shrine, laying on the pillow, grandmother Saki usually sits on.

Zenki sleep Battle Raiden cutout

Chibi Zenki sleeping peacefully.

As he can tell, it's already at night-time, as the moon shines through a window.
As Zenki gets up and sits on the pillow, he finds the Bracelet of Protection laying beside him.

Zenki wonders where Red went and if the others are still cursed.
While thinking of Red, he starts to blush again and mutters to himself: "What happened to me? Why did I feel so strange when she smiled at me? I never felt this way. Did she poison me when I ate those fruits?"

As Chibi Zenki sits cross-legged, he continues thinking and mutters: "But I don't feel sick. Instead, I feel all warm and fuzzy..."

After thinking for a few more minutes, I finally dawns to him what might have happened: "This is impossible! This can't be!"
"The great... Zenki-Sama... can't... fall in love! I don't even know this stupid woman and she has already put some strange curse on me!"

Zenki continues muttering to himself, gets up and goes to check if his friends have finally woken up, only to find out that they are still sleeping. This worries him and he decides to climb onto the rooftop and go to his favourite place.

Zenki tries to sit down, but he can't, his body still trembling from the thought of that girl that completely messed with his feelings.
He makes a sad sniffing noise, curls up and starts sobbing.

Red to the Rescue

Meanwhile... Red is sniffing around, but can't find a trace of the person or monster who cursed Zenki's friends.
As she hears someone sobbing, she goes to check it out, only to find Zenki, who has fallen asleep with tears coming from his eyes.

Red lets out a soft: "Nawww..." and gently removes the tears with her finger.
She sits beside Zenki and stares up to the stars, letting out a sad sigh herself and closes her eyes.

Kokutei and Roh anime

Roh and his pet wolf Kokutei

After sitting like this for a few hours, Red hears a laugh.
She opens her eyes and sees a young man with a wolf levitating in mid-air.
Chibi Zenki quickly opens his eyes and starts growling.

The man sends his wolf to attack Chibi Zenki, who starts cursing, but before the wolf can bite Zenki, Red glares and slaps it.
This sends the wolf flying into a rock while the man screams: "No! Kokutei!" and flies after the wolf.

Chibi Zenki is surprised by Red's strength and says: "Heh. Good job."
Red: "Who are those guys?"
Zenki: "They are the, self-proclaimed (Zenki smirks), Inugami Roh and his pet wolf Kokutei. They have been bothering me for quite a while, always snatching my Hyouinomi away from me!"

Red nudges her head to the side, gives Zenki a cute smile and hugs him.
Chibi Zenki is confused and starts struggling: "This isn't the time for hugging! Beat them up! They deserve it!"

Red sighs and snuggles her face into Zenki's hair.
Zenki: "?!"

Roh and Kokutei take their chance and attack again, but suddenly Red grows a fuzzy, white tail and slaps them away like bugs.
The Inugami and his wolf are sent flying and blast off like Team Rocket!
Zenki makes a horrified face at seeing such power coming from such a gentle slap.

Crashing Karuma's Party

Karuma, Goura, Guren, Anju and a few Hyouijuu are standing outside a well in the forest.

Karuma anime


Guren goura anime 2

Guren and Goura

Anju anime


Suddenly they hear a man and a wolf letting out a horrible howl in unison: "Waaaaooooouuuuuuugyaaaa!!!".
Karuma and her crew look up into the sky as they see Roh and Kokutei passing by, crashing into some treetops in the process.
Then they hear a loud crash.
The howl has stopped.
Roh and Kokutei forcibly went right into a rock and are now stuck inside it.

Karuma and the others are still wondering what they just experienced and go to investigate.
Goura and a Hyouijuu are ordered to break the rock.
Goura lifts it with his magic while the Hyouijuu forcefully punches the rock.
They succeed in breaking it and the badly wounded and unconscious Roh and Kokutei fall out.
Karuma orders Guren and Anju to capture them.
After that, Guren and Anju teleport back to the base with the prisoners in tow.

Karuma lets out a horrible laugh, but suddenly goes silent.

What on earth could have enough power to completely annihilate a Dog Deity Prince and his pet?.
Could it have been Zenki and Goki? Karuma sweats, shudders and passes out.

Goura makes funny faces, now seeing his chance to take out Karuma, but before he can do anything, Guren comes back and tells him to guard the prisoners instead.

Goura clenches his fists, grumbles and leaves, while Guren takes Karuma and carefully carries her to safety.

Icecream at Karuma's

Guren gently places Karuma in her bed and covers her up.
He is very worried about her and checks if she has fever by placing his hand on her forehead, only to find out that she is sweating and shivering.
Guren decides that he has to find out who or what caused this and asks Karuma, who, barely audible, answers: "Zenki... Goki..."
She passes out again and Guren decides to call Karuma's most loyal Hyouijuu to protect her, because he can't trust Goura.

Guren leaves and makes his way to the Enno Shrine.

After a few minutes, he arrives and hides himself in a treetop.

Guren watches Red and Chibi Zenki as they are sitting on the roof and talking to each other.
Chibi Zenki leans forward, clenches his fists and starts laughing.
Red laughs too, she gently moves her hand and suddenly two strawberry icecreams appear out of thin air.
Zenki's eyes turn huge and Red smiles and gives him one of the two icecreams.
Red and Zenki sit closer and start eating their icecreams.
They chuckle and end up with icecream all over their faces.

Guren wonders what's going on and continues watching.
Red licks Zenki's face and he blushes and licks her face.
They both continue laughing.
Then Zenki grabs the Bracelet of Protection, gets up and transforms himself into his Demon God form.
Guren starts glaring and wonders if they have noticed him.
They have not.

Demon God Zenki playfully shows off his muscles and horns.
Zenki: "Grrrraaaahhh!"
Red laughs so much, she starts holding her belly and rolls over.

Guren starts to get bored, places his chin on his hand and rolls his eyes.

Guren's Entrance

Guren (in full armor) jumps out of the tree and enters the Enno Shrine's outside area.

Guren anime 5

Guren in full armor

Zenki preparing Rudora manga

Zenki with his horns extended

Zenki immediately notices him and proudly exclaims: "What takes you here, Guren? To you want to be beaten again?"
Red gets up and walks to Zenki. She looks at Guren, nudges her head to the side and makes an adorable face.
Guren stares at Red and blushes.
Zenki: "Curses, Guren! Stop acting so innocent! I'm your opponent!"
Zenki jumps down and lands a few meters away from Guren.
Guren: "Heh, I didn't know you had such a cute girlfriend. Mind, if I take her for a ride?"
Zenki glares at Guren and charges at him.
Now they are both wrestling each other.

Red watches them from the roof and wonders if she should take action.
Zenki and Guren are both dealing and receiving blows.
Both seem evenly matched.

Zenki extends his horn from his fist and hits Guren in the face, breaking his helmet and striking him down.
Guren is knocked out cold.
Zenki cracks his fists and asks if anyone else wants to fight him.
No one answers.
Before Zenki can deal the finishing blow to Guren, a very ill Karuma appears and teleports Guren and herself away.
Zenki wonders what just happened and lets out an angry growl.

Red warps to Zenki's side and hugs him.
He calms down immediately and returns to his Chibi form.
After that, Red and Zenki go back into the Enno Shrine and search through grandmother Saki's books to find a way to lift the curse.
(Zenki carries the books, while Red reads them out loud.)

They still couldn't find the culprit.

The vicious Vyvil

Vyvil hovers in the cloudy night sky.
No one has noticed her so far.
Vyvil: "This is good. They don't know that I went and cursed these fools."

She snaps her fingers and a few shadowlike bird people appear.
Vyvil: "Go and cause some trouble, my dear Wingslash. I need a distraction."

The Wingslash descend and fly around the city, slashing some buildings with their sharp wings.
This causes them to partially collapse. The humans and animals run away, screaming!

The Wingslash start laughing maniacally as they cause trouble.

Meanwhile, Vyvil warps into Karuma's hideout, turns herself invisible and walks through some walls, trying to find Karuma.

As Vyvil enters Karuma's room, Karuma starts shivering again.
Guren forces himself up and says (with a weak and hoarse voice): "Curses! It's them again?!"
Vyvil turns visible, causing Guren to jump and hit his head on the low ceiling. "Ow!"
Vyvil chuckles. "I wanted to talk to Karuma, but this is just too funny."

Guren glares at Vyvil. She notices this, walks up to him and gives him a swift kiss.
Guren blushes and is confused, but Vyvil takes her chance and takes him down with her trademark move.
(Vyvil kicks Guren in the family jewels!)
Vyvil: "Bye, bye..."
Guren groans in pain, while Vyvil walks over to Karuma's bed, wiggling her hips.

Vyvil: "So you want power?"
Karuma glares at her.
Vyvil: "What's wrong with you? Are you afraid that he might lose his manhood?"
Karuma looks over to Guren who winces in pain, as Vyvil delivers another swift kick.
(Poor Guren!)
Karuma: "Stop this!"

Vyvil: "So you want them dead?"
Karuma: "Who are you talking about?"
Vyvil: "Your enemies."
Karuma: "What?! Who do you think you're talking to?"
Vyvil: "A woman who can't even move a finger without her minions."
Karuma "..."

Karuma accepts Vyvil's offer. They join forces and Vyvil leaves some huge gorilla hog chimeras as a present.
Vyvil: "These are Pouncers. They can smash anything that gets in your way and nothing can get through them. But..."
A way healthier Karuma looks at Vyvil.
Vyvil: "I will take care of your enemies by myself."
Vyvil warps away before Karuma can say anything.

The Curse is lifted

Red and Chibi Zenki continue searching for a spell to break the curse, but they can't find anything.

Ozunu enno anime

Ozunu Enno

Suddenly the ghost of Ozunu Enno appears and talks to them.
Ozunu tells them that the shrine was cursed by an evil far beyond any powers he could have ever imagined and that the solution can't be found in Saki's books, as it's a power out of this world.
Ozunu is obviously worried about Chiaki and the others and Red has an idea.
Zenki and Ozunu watch her, as Red draws a foreign magical symbol on the floor and prays to an unknown deity, whom she refers to as Escalade, the Grand-Creatress.

Escalade's aura flows through the Enno Shrine, lifting Vyvil's curse and strengthening Red, completely turning her into her true form, a creatress!
This also breaks Zenki's and Akira's seals, turning Zenki into his Demon God form and Akira into Goki.
Chiaki and the others gather immediately, but Ozunu and Escalade are already gone.
Red turns around and Zenki's friends ready themselves for a fight, but Zenki tells them what happened, and thus Red is accepted quickly.

Vyvil's arrival

A woman with red skin, two golden horns, a whip and a trident arrives at the outdoors area of the Enno Shrine.

Kishin Zenki anime 2


Chiaki Lulupapa anime 3

Chiaki (with Lulupapa on her shoulder)

Gagara defeated cutscene den ei rei bu

Miki Souma, Kuribayashi, Saki and Jukai

Goki anime 3


Kazue anime 2

Miss Kazue

She lets out a wicked chuckle and cracks her whip, leaving a 50 cm deep burn mark in the ground, after that, she casts a furious thunderstorm and heavy rainfall with her trident.
The woman rises and levitates in mid-air. She continues to laugh, this time louder than before.

As Demon God Zenki, Red (in her true form), Chiaki (with Lulupapa on her shoulder), Goki, Miki Souma, Jukai, Kuribayashi, grandmother Saki and Miss Kazue come out of the building, the red skinned woman introduces herself to them.
The woman bows, chuckles and exclaims: "Hello my dear victims. I'm Vyvil, the dark creatress of terror and destruction. My blazing fires scorch everything in my path."

Red takes over the lead and exclaims in a serious voice: "Vyvil, you vicious fiend! What have you planed this time? Are you trying to destroy another universe for your amusement?"
Vyvil turns to Red and her face turns from an amused expression to a mixture of anger and a frown.
Red: "You know that you won't succeed as long as I live, so change your ways or face me!"

Red rises and levitates in mid-air, too.
Zenki and his friends can only watch as Vyvil and Red fly up into the sky and start fighting each other.

Vyvil cracks her burning whip at Red and attacks her with storms made of water, while Red strikes lightning yolts and storms made of fire at Vyvil.
Why Red tries to avoid damaging the city and harming it's inhabitants, Vyvil is completely reckless, unleashing her wrath and destroying multiple streets and their buildings at once with a single strike of her whip.

When one of Vyvil's storms almost hits Zenki's crew, Goki casts a powerful shield to protect them, but can barely hold off Vyvil's immense power.

Zenki manga cover Japanese volume 12

Zenki's Battle Demon God form (manga exclusive)

After blocking five storms, the sixth one breaks Goki's shield, leaving him completely exhausted, while Chiaki transforms Zenki into his strongest form, the Battle Demon God form, to keep on protecting everyone.
Now Saki, Jukai and Kuribayashi realize that they can't do much but get Akira to safety, so they do just that.
While Zenki uses his Diamond Axe to break some of Vyvil's storms, Miki Souma defends Chiaki and Kazue tries to shot Vyvil's flames to extinguish them. Lulupapa sits on Chiaki's shoulder and covers in fear.

Red summons a small moon and throws it at Vyvil, who summons a few volcanoes.
The people and animals run and Zenki exclaims: "Hey, Red! Watch what you are doing! I'm tired of blasting your moons with my Vajura!"
Red stops summoning moons and flies ahead, crashing into Vyvil who starts screaming.

The two creatresses crash into the mountain, completely turning it into rubble.
Chiaki screams: "Nooooo! Red, what are you doing?! Now we won't have any hikers visiting Shikigami-chou!"
Red and Vyvil can be heard screaming.
Shortly after that, only one of them leaves the rubble, but she is covered in grey dust, so Zenki and the others can't tell if it's Red or Vyvil.

The figure lands and shakes off the dust.
It's Red! She was victorious!
Red grins and gives Zenki and the others a thumbs up.
Shortly after that, she faints from exhaustion.
Zenki quickly dashes over and catches her before she reaches the ground.

He carries Red to the shrine and...
Suddenly, some strange, dust covered ball-like object rises into the air and shakes off the dust.
A badly wounded Vyvil glares at Zenki and his friends, as only half of her head and a ghostly aura remain.

Vyvil: "Curse you, Red! We will meet again!"
Vyvil leaves the scene by warping away.

Zenki carries Red into the building and places her on a pillow.
Lulupapa jumps from Chiaki's shoulder and runs to Red and then to Akira and back.
The little Guardian Spirit makes a very worried face and gives off a sad "Lulu...".

Guren defeated cutscene den ei rei bu


As Zenki, Chiaki and Miki Souma go outside again, Zenki glances back to Red.
Chiaki sees a worried look on Zenki's face and says: "Zenki...? I've hardly ever seen that look on your face."
Zenki doesn't hide his feelings and a tear rolls over his face.
Chiaki: "I didn't know that you feel that way about her."

Zenki gets hold of himself and the three wander off into the village.

Vyvil's Present, Karuma's Revenge

Miki souma tenchi meidou

Miki Souma is ready to fight

As Battle Demon God Zenki, Chiaki and Miki Souma enter the village, they are greeted by an army of Hyouijuu, Pouncers and Wingslashs!
Chiaki gets really worried about how they are going to beat all these foes, but Miki Souma tries to calm her down.

Tou Kishin Zenki the real self English

Battle Demon God Zenki charges straight into battle

A Pouncer charges at Zenki, but Zenki grabs its tusks and surplexes it.
After surplexing a few Pouncers, Zenki finishes them off with the "Great Breath of the Flame King" (aka "Cho Kain ojin" in Japanese) causing them to turn into purple smoke and vanish.

Zenki takes down the remaining Pouncers in a similar fashion, while Miki Souma fights some Hyouijuu.

After beating at least half the Hyouijuu army, the Wingslashs strike from above!
They are so fast that they cut Zenki and the others a few times, causing Miki Souma to tumble and fall!
Poor Souma hits his head on a rock and is knocked out.

Chiaki anime 2

Chiaki gets worried

Chiaki gets very worried, but Zenki tells her to get Souma out of here.
She hesitates, but then tells Zenki that she believes in him and carries Souma away at a slow pace.

Zenki successfully manages to defend Chiaki and the injured Miki Souma, so they get away.
After being struck by the Wingslashs' sharp wings a few times, Zenki has enough and tries to shot them down with his Vajura.

This doesn't help him though, as they easily avoid his slow moves.

Zenki decides to use his Diamond Horns instead and counters the Wingslashs as they attack him.
Being very fast, they are also very fragile and fall quickly to Zenki's fists.

After defeating all Wingslashs, Zenki moves forward and fights the Hyouijuu, easily defeating them in his current form.

Karuma, Guren, Goura and Anju watch the spectacle from afar.
Shortly after that, Zenki finds them on a hill in Shikigami-chou's mountain range.

Karuma laughs and is surprised that Vyvil's plan worked so good, taking down everyone but Zenki himself.
After that she remarks, that Vyvil might have hoped for more than that, but that's as good as it gets.

As Zenki readies himself to fight the four villains, they do the same.
But when Zenki asks Chiaki for his Diamond Axe and it is sent to him by the power of the Bracelet of Protection, the rest of the battle is already decided.

Battle Demon God Zenki quickly finishes the villains off with his axe, but spares Anju's life, merely knocking her out.
He takes Anju with him, so they can recover her memories and free her from Karuma's control.

Karuma Den Ei Rei Bu 4

Karuma laughs at Zenki

After Zenki leaves the hill, Karuma's voice can be heard: "You will never defeat the great Karuma! As long as humans have desires, I will always haunt you!"

The End