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Zenki manga side view

The original manga series

This article features content on the different timelines from the Kishin Douji Zenki series' various installments.

Despite it's more or less constant main cast, there are multiple changes that affect how we experience the series and relate to its world and characters.

This article will explain how the different timelines are related to each other and what changes were made.

The timelines

Keep in mind that despite their similarities, every single one of these timelines counts as its own alternate reality. This means, that each one of these stands alone on its own.


Zenki manga cover Japanese volume 8

The Kishin Douji Zenki manga

The Kishin Douji Zenki manga represents the official and original timeline of the Kishin Douji Zenki series.

It features many details on the backstories of the main characters, which aren't present in any other work, like for example how Saki raised Chiaki and taught her about the history and the spells of her ancestor, the great priest Ozunu Enno.

Because of the presence of nudity, violence and gore, and was greatly watered down, when its creators decided to create an alternate reality, which then became the better known anime of the series.

But back to the manga. The manga features the following arks, which were either reused in the other realities, ditched completely or even arranged into a new order:

  • The Jushi ark
    Jushi manga
    • This is the first ark, which ran from the first to the third volume of the manga, featuring the five Jushi (aka "Curse Samurai"), who plotted to kill Zenki in an attempt to become greater priests than the great Ozunu-Sama himself.
    • While the Jushi manage to capture the souls of the inhabitants of Shikigami-chou, their plans are twarted when Zenki and Chiaki manage to take down the individual Jushi one after another.
  • The Inugami ark
    Roh Kokutei manga
    • This is the second ark, which ran from the fourth to the seventh volume of the manga, featuring the Inugami Roh, his faithful wolf Kokutei and the four Shitennou. In an attempt to turn Kokutei into a world ending beast, Roh sent out the Shitennou to collect 108 Hyouinomi.
    • While Roh manages to turn Kokutei into a world ending beast and also transforms into a true Inugami, his triumph only lasts for a short time as he gets too cocky and is taken down by Zenki and Goki.
  • The Ryuuma-ou-Mikado ark
    Vasara UG Zenki manga
    Ryuuma-ou-Mikado manga 2
    • The third and final ark, which ran from the eighth to the twelfth and final volume of the manga, introduction the rouge Demon God Vasara and a large group of various beastmen, as well as the titular Ryuuma-ou-Mikado (also known as the Evil Dragon King of Hell). While Vasara just holds a grudge against his former comrades for sealing him away, the beastmen try to release the seal of Ryuuma-ou-Mikado, because they hope that the dragon will allow them to defeat humanity, so they can live on earth in our stead.
    • After Zenki and Goki settle their score with Vasara, the beastmen actually manage to release Ryuuma-ou-Mikado, who crushes their hopes by killing most of them. Ryuuma-ou-Mikado is defeated when Zenki, Goki, Vasara, Chiaki and the feral, winged boy Dokushi join their powers and take on the dragon, while Miki Souma, Saki and some Yamabushi and monks try to seal Ryuuma-ou-Mikado. In the end they don't just manage to seal, but actually destroy Ryuuma-ou-Mikado.

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Manga (prototype)

Pentagram Zenki manga

The prototype of the Kishin Douji Zenki manga

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Zenki - opening 1

Zenki - opening 1

The Kishin Douji Zenki anime

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OVA intro

The Kishin Douji Zenki Original Video Animation

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Battle Raiden

Batoru raiden main

Kishin Douji Zenki -
Battle Raiden

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Den Ei Rai Bu

Den Ei Rai Bu

Kishin Douji Zenki 2 -
Den Ei Rai Bu

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Tenchi Meidou

Tenchi meidou

Kishin Douji Zenki 3 -
Tenchi Meidou

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Kishin Douji Zenki (Game Gear)

Game gear zenki title native resolution

Kishin Douji Zenki
(Sega Game Gear)

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Vajura Fight

Vajura fight title native resolution

Kishin Douji Zenki FX -
Vajura Fight

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