Kokutei is one of the main characters from the Kishin Douji Zenki series. He is a magically enhanched wolf with fuzzy, black and grey fur, red eyes and a cross shaped mark on his forehead.

He is a major antagonist of the Inugami or Dog Deity ark. Kokutei is the Inugami Roh's pet wolf. Roh really loves his wolf and would do anything, so Kokutei can eat as many Hyouinomi as possible, so his wolf can transform into a ferocious, world ending beast. Kokutei only seems to care about his master and shows everyone else the cold shoulder. He also readily picks fights with Zenki and others.

Kokutei is very fast and uses this ability to steal Hyouinomi from Zenki before he can grab them. However, Kokutei is very weak otherwise and gets quickly struck down by most foes.

The Relationship between Roh and Kokutei

The deep respect and love for Kokutei is exclusive to Roh from the anime.

While Roh's manga counterpart only sees Kokutei as a tool and wants to sacrifice him as soon as Kokutei has transformed into a "demon beast that will threaten the world", Roh's anime counterpart joins the final battle against Kokutei's demonic form to save his best friend and return him to back to normal.

In the manga, Kokutei doesn't seem to notice that Roh just uses him and only cares for the Hyouinomi, while in the anime, the two of them are basically inseperable.


Roh and Kokutei first appear after Zenki has defeated a powerful Hyouijuu at nighttime. When Zenki tries to eat the Hyouinomi as usual, Kokutei swiftly snatches it away and eats it in front of Zenki, greatly shocking the latter.

After that, Zenki hates Roh and Kokutei and they often get into fights over the Hyouinomi.

Differences between the Anime/Manga

Kokutei cocoon Roh manga

Kokutei as a gigantic cocoon

In the anime Roh often wanders around with Kokutei and doesn't seem to have any followers or something like that. His people often plot against him and even try to kill Roh. In one episode of the anime, they even kidnap Kokutei.

In the manga Roh is accompanied not only by Kokutei, but also by the Shitenou, which are led by Hiki the Black Tortoise. These are very powerful foes which try to protect Roh and Kokutei from Zenki and his friends, so Roh can "bring justice to this greed filled world".

When Kokutei manages to finally eat 108 Hyouinomi, he turns into a huge cocoon in Volume 6 of the manga. The anime has this happen way later when Kagetora and his soldiers capture Kokutei and force-feed him multiple seeds at a time to quickly turn him into a cocoon against his will and at a much faster rate than intended.

Unlike his manga counterpart, anime Kokutei never grows wings as the force-feeding probably causes him to skip that stage of his transformation.

While Kokutei's final form from the manga depicts him as a petrified demon man, which never awakens as he lends Roh his powers and fades away once Roh has died, the anime depicts him in his fully awakened state as a world ending beast, again skipping yet another form from the manga.

Once Kokutei has transformed into his final form, he becomes a giant, spaceship-like monster (the aforementioned "world ending beast") and completely loses his mind. He loses his free will, his affectionate side for Roh and his love for Hyouinomi and becomes a mindless killing machine only bent on destruction, unable to think or feel anything else.

When Kokutei dies at the end of the anime, after his defeat at the hands of Zenki, Goki, Chiaki and Roh, Kokutei states that "All life ends with destruction."

So just like in the manga, Kokutei learns to talk once he has turning into his transformed state. It is heavily implied that he talks by using telepathy as his mouth never moves in his later forms.

Timeline changes

While in the Anime, the Karuma ark is set before the Inugami ark, the manga doesn't even have a Karuma ark, as Karuma has been said to have been defeated by Ozunu, Zenki and Goki back in the past before the actual events of the manga.

Also Roh and Kokutei appear as early as in the fourth volume of the manga, while the anime has them appear very late (about halfway into the series).

While Karuma and her servants don't appear in the manga's actual storyline, they do show up in the devsketches sections. More on this can be read in the manga related section of Karuma's article.

Kokutei's wings

Kokutei starts out without wings, but as the story progresses he grows wings. This can be seen best in the Manga, where he suddenly grows wings when he is fed enough Hyouinomi, which happens in Volume 5.

Thus in the Anime, Kokutei never grows wings, because he never gets to eat enough Hyouinomi for this to happen.

Wingless Kokutei appears in the Anime, Vajura Fight and the Manga, while winged Kokutei appears in the Manga and Tenchi Meidou.



  • In the manga, Kokutei is referred to by the Furigana and Kanji writings of こくてい and 黒帝 respectively.
    • The hidden meaning behind the Kanji writing of his name is "Black Emperor", which is likely a hint towards his later transformations and the great threat he poses once he has eaten 108 Hyouinomi, as he becomes the world ending beast.


  • This is especially notable in the final episodes of the anime, where Great Demon God Zenki and Goki (in his Level 1 form) greatly struggle against Kokutei. They are only able to defeat him with Chiaki's and the Inugami Roh's aid, as well as the prayers from Shikigami-chou's people.

In the Games

He appears in three of the Kishin Douji Zenki games, the SNES game Tenchi Meidou, the Sega Game Gear game Kishin Douji Zenki and the NEC PC-FX game Vajura Fight.

Tenchi Meidou

In this game, Kokutei is a minor character and a boss.

He is first introduced together with the Inugami Roh. Kokutei prefers to use physical cards and draws his cards at a medium speed.

His attack sprite shows him attempting to lunge at, bite and claw at his opponent, which seems to be remniscent of his fighting moves from the anime and the manga.

Like his manga counterpart, Kokutei sports wings in this game, though they don't have any effect in battle or on the overworld. Kokutei will still be hit by earth attacks and he will still fall into holes or get hurt by water or lava.

Unlike his threatening appearance, there is little to be said about him. For a boss he is rather weak, as he rarely uses his stronger attacks, mostly attacking by using single strikes rather than his powerful three card combos. But beware, if the player takes too long to defeat Kokutei, he will use a three card combo sooner or later. Especially his three card light attack is devastatingly powerful and can oneshot an unprepared player.

While most of the time, Kokutei is a rather inactive boss, he tends to hand out multiple single strikes in a row at random intervals. He can use defensive cards and Om, but the chance of him using them is very low. If he decides to use a defensive card, his most used defensive card will be the shield card in its stage 1 variant.

Unlike Roh Kokutei doesn't join the player's party after his defeat. He just vanishes and is never seen again, so it's unknown what happens to Kokutei after his defeat. All of his other forms are entirely absent ingame.


Kokutei 's card roulette

Kokutei's card roulette is as follows:

Defense Attack
Attack Light
Defense Seal Attack Wind
Defense Om Attack Earth
Defense Absorb Attack Wind
Defense Spell Attack Earth
Defense Shield Attack Physical

Kokutei's Attack and Defensive Card Ranking

Kokutei can use the following elemental attack cards: (from the strongest to the weakest)

  • Rank 1 (Kokutei's strongest attack card)
    • Tenchi Meidou light card
    • Appearing only once, the light elemental attack is Kokutei's strongest elemental attack in this game.
      • While a light elemental attack might not make sense for Kokutei's winged wolf form, the game is known to take clues from both the anime and the manga, giving characters abilities and character traits from both incarnations of the series.
      • It can be assumed that Kokutei's ability to fire powerful light beams in this game was taken from his final form of a giant spaceship from the final episodes of the anime. This would also explain why only Goki can deal with them, as the anime also had Goki as the only one being able to stop some beams with his Heavenly Shield.
  • Rank 2
    • Tenchi Meidou physical card
    • Just like the light card, the physical card appears once as well. Kokutei's physical attacks hit pretty hard, earning them the second place after his beam attacks.
  • Rank 3
    • Tenchi Meidou wind card
    • This card appears twice in his roulette. It is his second weakest card and very likely to be a play on his great speed of his wolf and winged wolf forms. Ingame Kokutei is able to cast small tornadoes, but they rather weak.
  • Rank 4 (Kokutei's weakest attack card)
    • Tenchi Meidou earth card
    • While Kokutei from Tenchi Meidou can tear fissures into the ground, they barely deal any damage. Kokutei's ability to create small earthquakes might be remniscent of his rather static appearance of a demon from the manga.

Average damage chart

Element Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Attack Light Light 40 80 829 1658
Attack Physical Physical 24 48 80 160
Attack Wind Wind 7 14 35 49
Attack Earth Earth 3 6 15 21
Average Offense 18,5 37 251,25 506,75

The different stages correspond to the anmount of the same elemental cards used in one turn. Beneath the different stages are the values of damage Kokutei deals to the player character. Oddly he deals the same damage regardless who the player chose to fight him. Anyways, the values shown here were written down in a Goki VS Kokutei match.

Kokutei can use the following defensive moves: (from the strongest to the weakest)

  • Rank 1 (Kokutei's strongest defense cards)
    • Tenchi Meidou power card Tenchi Meidou shield card Tenchi Meidou absorb card
    • While Kokutei's defense cards all rank equal as they all appear once, the Om card, the shield card and the absorb card are his best, tactical cards.
      • Starting out with very high attack points, the absorb card allows Kokutei to absorb for three turns and then strike with Om, oneshotting his foe. Ironically these cards and this combination are hardly ever used by his AI, which makes defeating him easier, but wastes his potential of being an even more challenging boss.
      • The shield card allows Kokutei to protect himself, lowering the damage done to him. Again, the AI rarely if ever uses this move, but if it does, it makes Kokutei take damage in the single digits. Most of the time, the damage done to him (by using any chosen player character's stage 3 or 4 attacks) already is only in the double digits, thus using a shield makes the fight even longer and way more dangerous.
  • Rank 2 (Kokutei's weakest defense cards)
    • Tenchi Meidou seal card Tenchi Meidou spell card
    • Neither the seal card nor the spell card make any sense for Kokutei, as first his AI almost never uses them and second the only thing he might want to seal would be an Om card. If he ever uses the spell card, the AI tends to use it after a three card light combo, which makes it oneshot Zenki regardless if he used a shield or not, thus screwing the player over if they ever happen to have that much bad luck.

Shield damage reduction

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Defense Shield 42,1 % 71,05 % 92,1 %

This table shows how much Kokutei's shield reduces the anmount of damage dealt to him. The values in this table are percentages and not static damage values.

These percentages were noted down in a Goki VS Kokutei match and tested with the four card ice attack. They are the same regardless of the matchup.

Kokutei can oneshot the party

Tenchi Meidou light card Light attack (Stages 3 and 4)

Kokutei is actually so powerful that his stage 3 light attack oneshots every player character. Only Goki with his stage 2 or 3 shield is able to survive Kokutei's attack.

If Goki uses the stage 2 shield, he will be left with a health of 240, so he can only take two hits and the third one kills him. If he used the stage 3 shield instead, he will be left with a health of 320 instead, allowing him to survive 4 hits until the fifth one kills him. Luckily Goki can still seal Kokutei's cards to prevent being harmed.

Something similar obviously goes for Kokutei's stage 4 light attack, which can only be survived if Goki uses his stage 3 shield.

In that case, the first hit leaves Goki with a health of 160 and the second one ends his life.

Tenchi Meidou power card The mighty and feared Om

Just as with some other characters, his high starting attack points and ability to use the absorb card allow Kokutei to oneshot an unwary player.

Goki is our only hope

Goki block tenchi meidou

Goki is the only character that can handle Kokutei's raw power by using his vast array of defensive maneuvers and powerful shields. Kokutei can easily take down any other character in the party as they can't properly defend themselves against his stronger level 3 and 4 attacks.

But the main game has the player fighting Kokutei as Zenki!

Zenki block tenchi meidou

That's a good point, but luckily Zenki can survive Kokutei's attack by using the same tactic as the one used with Goki. But Zenki takes about twice as much damage, which leaves him only with a health of about 125 of 500 if he used the stage 2 shield. So the player is actually advised to use random monsters to rise Zenki's attack points to their maximum before facing Kokutei. This allows Zenki to oneshot Kokutei by using Om, avoiding the hassle of a rather desperate and seemingly impossible boss battle.

More information on Kokutei's ingame behaviour will be added soon.

Kishin Douji Zenki (Game Gear)

Kishin Douji Zenki for the Game Gear features Kokutei as a minor character. He only appears at the very end of the game, previous to the final boss battle.

The game depicts him as a cutscene and background only character. He also doesn't take any action besides answering Roh's calls in one of the game's final cutscene. The cutscene is similar to the situation in the manga, where Kokutei lends Roh his powers, so Roh can become a true Inugami and gets an edge in his battle with Zenki and Goki.

Just like Great Demon God Zenki, Kokutei has only one cutscene image, which happens to do nothing besides having glowing and fog effects applied to it once in awhile.

Differences to the Manga

Unlike in the manga, only Demon God Zenki fights Roh and the final battle has Kokutei covering the background as a static and completely inactive sprite covered by the same magenta fog seen in the cutscene.

Another difference is the fact that the battle takes place in the Shitenou's headquarters, which isn't the case in the manga, where Great Demon God Zenki and Goki (Level 2) fought the transformed Inugami Roh in a city instead.

Vajura Fight

Roh and Kokutei only appear at the very end of the game, to be specific right before the ending cutscene.

Once Demon God Zenki has defeated Marubasu, the latter's dead body just lies there on the ground. Chiaki pities Marubasu and walks towards the latter, despite Zenki telling her to be careful. At that moment Marubasu's human corpse turns out to be a costume. He isn't dead. A slimy Hyouijuu rises, leaving the torn up costume behing and captures Chiaki.

Roh and Kokutei make a swift entrance. Roh then shoots a laser beam from his palm, which instantly kills Marubasu for real and frees Chiaki. Roh then laughs, he talks to Zenki and Chiaki. Roh makes fun of Zenki as usual and Zenki gets mad at him. When Zenki attacks, his punch is easily stopped by Roh's pointerfinger, creating a huge whirlwind, which forces Zenki to backstep.

Roh laughs at Zenki and tells Kokutei that they are going to leave. Roh and Kokutei just vanish in a swift flash of light.

After this, Zenki clenches his fist and curses at Roh. Chiaki gets serious as well, then the scene cuts to the credits rolling.


Kokutei's transformation line from the manga features him with a total anmount of 4 forms.

It goes as follows:

magically enhanched wolf -> magically enhanched, winged wolf ->
giant cocoon -> demon

First form

This is Kokutei's original form. In this form he is depicted as a magically enhanched wolf and a loyal companion to the Inugami Roh.

He sports fuzzy, black and grey fur, red eyes and a cross shaped mark on his forehead.

In this state, Kokutei cares only about his master and Hyouinomi, but as the manga only features this form in Volume 3 and 4, we never get to really experience his abilties in this state.

What makes Kokutei special in this form is actually, that he can levitate in mid-air, is too fast to be seen (even for Zenki's standards) and able to actually eat Hyouinomi without being taken over by them and becoming a Hyouijuu.

While Kokutei can't speak in this state, his facial expressions make it clear that he sees Zenki as some kind of rival and absolutely loves Roh and would probably do anything for him.

Trivia (Kokutei's eyes)

  • Whenever Kokutei gets furious his eye color inverts, turning his eyes black with an icy blue shade.
    • He is also able to control this for each individual eye.
    • Kokutei keeps this ability in his second, winged form, but loses it once he turns into a cocoon and later a demon man. In the former case it's because his cocoon state has no eyes, while the latter just always sports pure, yellow eyes.

Second form

This is Kokutei's second form. While the only optical difference between this form and his original form is the face that he has now grown wings, there's also a vast difference in strength.

Remember that while Kokutei's original form has awesome speed, the ability to levitate and the ability to eat Hyouinomi without becoming possessed by them, he was still a normal wolf in any other account and had only the physical strength of one.

This now changes as he can actually be seen fighting Great Demon God Zenki for quite a while on equal ground before Zenki gets so mad at Kokutei, he decides to rip one of the latter's wings out of his body.

While this almost immediately ends their fight - Roh decides to take Kokutei with him as they retreat together - it also sets the scene for Roh's observation on Kokutei's recovery and Roh deciding that he has now to use other means to get more seeds even faster. This kinda introduces the Shitenou in a proper way and ramps up their anmount of violent activies to eleven.

Third form

This is Kokutei's third form. Once he has eaten enough Hyouinomi, Kokutei starts glowing, is wrapped up by white threads and becomes a giant cocoon, which is now stuck in the middle of a large room inside the Shitenou's headquarters.

The cocoon is orange and glows in a soft yellow light while pulsating like a beating heart.

While Roh is fascinated by this transformation and encouraging Kokutei, the latter doesn't seem to notice anything in this state. So besides the heartlike beat, Kokutei is very inactive in this state and doesn't do anything else besides being stuck.

He stays like this from the beginning of Volume 6 till around the middle of Volume 7, when Roh gives him another seed, which instantly causes Kokutei to transform once again.

Final form

This is Kokutei's fourth and final form. As stated at the end of his third form's entry, he instantly progresses through another transformation, once Roh has given him another seed.

The former cocoon with start glowing white and grow blisters, then Kokutei glows so brightly, the whole room goes white and Kokutei has turned into a demon. He hasn't fully awakened yet, sitting there with his arms and his legs crossed.

Kokutei's body now sports a magenta coloration, his eyes are open and completely yellow and the former cross shaped mark on his forehead has turned into a third eye, which is completely yellow as well.

His body is still attached to threads from his former stage, which have turned magenta as well. While Kokutei is in a petrified state, he has now not only gained the ability to speak by telepathy, he also is still loyal to the Inugami Roh and willing to share his newfound powers with his master.

Roh is very proud of Kokutei and glad that everything turned out alright. He willingly accepts the powers of his friend, forming a bond by linking their souls together, which now enables Roh to turn into his transformed state of a true Inugami/Dog Deity.

When the transformed Inugami Roh later gets to cocky and is defeated by Great Demon Zenki and Goki (in his Level 2 form) and dies, so does Kokutei. This is also achieved by Miki Souma, grandmother Saki and a few monks and Shugenja joining the fight and weakening Roh's and Kokutei's powers by attempting to seal the latter in one cruical moment.

Once Roh is dead, Kokutei simply explodes like a huge bomb, but luckily no one gets hurt.


Kokutei's transformation line from the anime features him with a total anmount of 3 forms.

It goes as follows:

magically enhanched wolf -> giant cocoon -> giant spaceship

First form

This is Kokutei's original form. Just like in the manga, he is depicted as a magically enhanched wolf and a loyal companion to the Inugami Roh.

He sports fuzzy, black and grey fur, red eyes and a cross shaped mark on his forehead.

In this state, Kokutei cares only about his master and Hyouinomi. Unlike his manga incarnation, anime Kokutei stays in this form from Episode 26 to 47, which has him keep this form for whole 21 opposed to the single chapter in the manga.

Just like in the manga, Kokutei can levitate in mid-air, move so fast, that even Zenki's eyes can't follow him and is able to actually eat Hyouinomi without being taken over by them, which would usually turn one into a Hyouijuu.

While Kokutei can't speak in this state, his facial expressions make it clear that he sees Zenki as some kind of rival and absolutely loves Roh and would probably do anything for him.

Kokutei's feelings for his master are even more obvious in this timeline, often showing him trying to defend Roh at his weakest moments, despite Kokutei himself being weaker than Roh. Kokutei always puts his master's well being over his own, which is actually which gets him captured by Kagetora later on in the anime.

Roh is wounded, but Kokutei fiercely growls at Kagetora and his soldiers, being ready to give his life for his master, but as they are stronger than him, Kokutei easily taken down and captured by them. So Roh can only watch as the, now unconscious, Kokutei is taken away.

Trivia (Kokutei's eyes)

  • Unlike his manga counterpart, anime Kokutei can't change his eye color.
  • Anime Kokutei skips his winged form, which not only causes him to directly turn into a cocoon, but also alters his final form.

Second form

This is Kokutei's second form. Once Kagetora has gotten enough seeds he force-feeds another one to Kokutei.

Kokutei howls and starts glowing. He is wrapped up by white threads and becomes a giant cocoon, which is now stuck in the middle the realm of the dead.

Just like in the manga, the cocoon is orange and glows in a soft yellow light while pulsating like a beating heart.

Kagetora laughs as his hopes of becoming the new ruler of the realm of the dead draw closer to his grasp.

Kokutei stays in this form for two episodes, transforming once again in Episode 49, when Kagetora throws three more seeds (one by harvesting the seed gained from the transformed Miss Kazue and the two other ones from Roh's form of a true Inugami) at the cocoon, initiating yet another, final transformation.

Final form

This is Kokutei's third and final form. Instead of becoming demon like in the manga, anime Kokutei turns into a huge monster that looks like a mixture between a spaceship, a winged bug and an octopus with a man fully clad in white armor mounted on top of it.


In this form, Kokutei is clad in white armor, decorated with colorful, scar-like stripes. He has two red eyes. A bluish grey orb is mounted into his forehead. Instead of arms, two insect wings are mounted to his shoulders.

Beneath his torso, his body ends in a skirt-like structure, which connects him to the spaceship-like beast. The lower body or spaceship has its own set of four yellow eye stalks with yellow, cat-like eyes mounted on them. It has a mouth made up of a bunch of tentacles and its body looks like a ship with a small house. The monster also sports four tails ending in spearheads, which sprout from its rear. It also has two additional yellow, cat-like eyes on each side of the middle of it's deck.

So this form of Kokutei actually sports a total anmount of eight eyes.

Personality and Battle Statistics

The world ending beast Kokutei is nothing like his original self. The loyal wolf that loved his master and would do anything to protect Roh has lost his unique personality and turned into a killing machine. He doesn't even recognize Roh anymore.

While Roh has gained the ability to turn into a true Inugami through this and using two Hyouinomi on himself, he also has lost his best friend. When Roh sees Kokutei like this, Roh just can't stand it and decides to join Zenki, Goki and Chiaki in their battle against Kokutei to free him from his misery.

Shikigami-cho after the final battle anime

The aftermath of Kokutei's wrath

Flying in high up in the skies, Kokutei can only be reached by his foes when they are either able to fly themselves or can jump really high. He is also very sturdy as neither Great Demon God Zenki's powers and his Diamond Axe, nor Goki's powers of earth and his Immovable Dragon Staff can harm him.

In turn, Kokutei can fire white laser beams, which leave huge craters in the ground, blasting away at Shikigami-chou in the final episodes of the anime.

Inugami Roh anime 2

Roh faces his old friend with fierce determination

While Goki is able to protect everyone with his Heavenly Shield, he can only take so much until he keels over from exhaustion.

Many people die from Kokutei's wrath. While Kokutei keeps saying that "everything is destined to end some day", "everyone is going to die" and "destruction is the only thing that is final", even Goki admits that the situation is hopeless.

Chiaki RFS Zenki Goki anime

When all hope is lost, Roh and his mother appear. Roh's mother encourages him to stop Kokutei and when Chiaki and the others see this, they decide that they can't give up yet.

Chiaki and Goki lend their powers to Zenki, fusing with him and turning him into the Perfect Demon God form. Zenki is covered by a golden and white aura. Now both the fused trio and the Roh face Kokutei and defeat him.

Kokutei is returned to his original wolf form and the world is finally at peace again and. After the events of the anime, Roh and Kokutei continue to live in peace alongside humanity.

Tenchi Meidou

Appearing first in the game's Inugami ark, Roh appears in his winged wolf form, which is remniscent of his manga counterpart's second form.

Kokutei's first form and his later forms never appear ingame, but Tenchi Meidou still features events remniscent to the ones from the manga.

At first, Kokutei starts out as an enemy, allied with the Inugami Roh. Just like in the manga and the anime, they appear together and are first fought as two follow up bosses.

At this point, they player has only Chiaki and Zenki in their party, so Zenki has to face the Inugami and his wolf all on his own.

Using the game's advantage of allowing multiple allied characters on one tile, Roh and Kokutei are found sitting on a single tile. When Chiaki and Chibi Zenki walk onto the tile with Roh and Kokutei, Kokutei is fought first, because he's placed standing in front.

The game initiates a Battle Mode battle between Demon God Zenki and Kokutei. Once Kokutei has been defeated, the game will cut to the board game mode and another fight will be triggered as Chiaki, Zenki and Roh still share a tile as enemies.

The following Battle Mode battle has Demon God Zenki fighting Roh. Keep in mind that Zenki keeps his health and attack points from his previous fight against Kokutei, making the battle against Roh easier or harder, depending both on the player's luck and skill level.

Once Roh has been defeated, Roh will state the usual "Come on, Kokutei! We're going to leave." and leave with Kokutei. The game will now show Chibi Zenki's mugshot with Chibi Zenki cursing at Roh, like he usually does in his Demon God form in his other incarantions.

After this, Chiaki and Zenki have won the round and continue to the next stage.

Kishin Douji Zenki (Game Gear)

Kokutei first appears in the cutscene before the final boss battle. The game only features him in his demon form, remniscent to his demon form from the manga.

Just like in the manga, Kokutei gains the ability to talk. While he can speak to Roh (via telepathy) and lend his powers to him to enable him to turn into a true Inugami, Kokutei remains completely static and thus never attacks on his own.

Once the transformed Inugami Roh is defeated, the game just cuts to the ending cutscene.

While it never becomes clear what happened to Kokutei, as it's not depicted ingame, but as the final battle is heavily inspired by the manga, we can assume that Kokutei exploded and died, rejoining Roh in the realm of the dead.

Vajura Fight

Vajura Fight only features Kokutei in his first form of a magically enhanched wolf.

His appearance is limited to that one cutscene and the game's endings.

Kokutei first appears shortly after Roh has shot down Marubasu. Kokutei first appears standing beside Roh and listening to Roh's conversation with Zenki and Chiaki.

Once Zenki attempts to punch Roh, Kokutei goes into a ready-to-attack position, readying himself to protect his master by attacking Zenki. The latter never happens as Roh easily stops Zenki's fist with his pointerfinger before anything happens.

Shortly after this, Roh can be seen kneeling down and petting Kokutei, which is both depicted as the ingame sprite and a corresponding mugshot shown at the same time.

Once Roh is done with making fun of Zenki, he tells Kokutei that they are going to leave and they just vanish in a swift flash of light.


Introduction at the end of Episode 26

Episode 27

Kokutei's second transformation in Episode 49

Kokutei's defeat and death in Episode 51



with Roh

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

In this scene in the manga, Roh also states, that now, that he has been able to feed Kokutei 103 seeds, there are only five more to go, till he is in possession of the world ending beast and lets out an evil laugh.

Volume 6

Volume 7


Volume 6



Tenchi Meidou

Kishin Douji Zenki (Game Gear)

Vajura Fight




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