This page is a subpage of the article for the third Kishin Douji Zenki SNES game: Kishin Douji Zenki 3 - Tenchi Meidou.

The follow up pages explain the various gameplay mechanics from Tenchi Meidou's ingame modes. They also explain how to use strategies to overcome otherwise unbeatable enemies and bosses.

In general, Tenchi Meidou features two modes, the Board Game Mode and the Battle Mode.

Gameplay Modes

Board Scroll Tile Info Tenchi Meidou

Board Game Mode acts as some kind of overworld, which is traversed in an attempt to fulfill certain objectives or reaching a certain destination. As doing so is often impeded by enemies and the terrain, the player is also able to use spells to manipulate the terrain to defeat multiple enemies at once or move pieces of terrain to fit their needs.

Roh Kokutei Tenchi Meidou

Battle Mode is basically what happens when two hostile characters encounter each other and start fighting each other. This mode features roulette styled card battles with various elemental attacks and defense moves, which need to be used strategically in order to defeat the foe.


Chibi Zenki mug Tenchi Meidou

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