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Owning ROMs is only legal, if you own the original game. Semerone does own the cartridges. Do you, too?

This page is a collection of testing data/notes and cheats from the three SNES Kishin Douji Zenki games.

I researched all of these cheats and events by myself, so please credit me if you post them on another website.

This page is being maintained by Semerone, the founder of this wiki. Please ask her before adding, removing or changing any content of this page.

All cheats were tested with ZSNES. I don't know if they work with any other emulator, so please don't ask me about that.

Legal Notes

Zenki wiki rules

Something went haywire while testing some cheats. Please reset your game or load a save state.

I own the original cartridges all three of these games, but if you want to test an of these cheats on an emulator, please be aware that it is illegal to keep a ROM for more than 24 hours if you don't own the original cartridge.

I won't take any resposibility for any legal actions that might occur and I won't post any links to any ROM downloading sites.

If you want to try these out, you will have to find them for yourself.

Kishin Douji Zenki - Battle Raiden


  • 7E021363 - Infinite Lives
    • If you use this code, you will never get a Game Over.
      • It will show the number 99. If the player collects a life in the translated version, Chiaki will sometimes also state that "The number of people won't increase any further."
  • 7E0214XX - Infinite Health
    • If you set XX to 40, Chibi Zenki's health will be always maxed out.
    • If you set XX to 80, Demon God Zenki's health will be always maxed out.
      • The latter causes your health bar to glitch, if used in a Chibi Zenki section of the game.
  • 7E021781, 7E021881, 7E021980 - Infinte Boss Health
    • This gives a boss or mini boss infinite healh. Great for testing your skills.
  • 7E021A09 - Infinte Rudra Protection Scrolls
    • This will give you an infinte anmount of Rudra Protection Scrolls. It will show the number 9 in the upper right corner.
  • 7E021FFF, 7E0220C9, 7E02219A, 7E02223B - High Score
    • This will give you a very high score.
      • I still don't know, if your ingame score has any effect on the game or, if it's just for showing your friends how good you are at the game.

Debug features

Level Select

Battle Raiden hidden Level Select

The hidden Level Select.

The player has to visit the game's CONFIG menu. Now play the music tracks 009, 003, 006, and 009 (in that order). Now they will need to leave the CONFIG menu.

In the game's main menu, press START. Start the game like normal, pause the game and press the buttons L+R+X on the game pad (while still in the pause menu) to warp to the hidden level select.

You will now be Chibi Zenki standing in the middle of a plain area with a rocky, violet ground and a light purplish cloud background. There will be strange boxes floating in mid-air, each corresponding to an ingame level.

They are named just like the normal stages, with the levels containing a "B" are the bosses aka the individual Jushi.

If you make Zenki jump towards one of those boxes and come in contact with it, you will be warped to the corresponding ingame level. If you enter a Demon God Zenki stage, you will be Demon God Zenki, regardless if the the Vajura on Ark cutscene happens or not.

Though there's a side effect to entering Demon God Zenki's levels from the level select. If you enter a stage, which doesn't have the which has the Vajura on Ark cutscene happening before it, you will end up starting the level with only half of your health. (like for example when entering Shijura's boss battle aka Stage 5-4)

This seems to happen due to Demon God Zenki retaining Chibi Zenki's health. Chibi Zenki starts each stage with only 64 hit points instead of Demon God Zenki's 128 hit points.

Every stage, that has Chiaki transforming Zenki into his Demon God form in the Vajura on Ark cutscene will have him starting out at full health just as in regular gameplay.

If you want to return to the level select after selecting a level, you have to pause the game and then again and press the buttons L+R+X (while still in the pause menu).

When you return to the level select, you will be Chibi Zenki, regardless if you were in a Chibi or Demon God Zenki stage.

Testing notes

Cheats Compability

  • All cheats that work in the original Japanese version also work in the translated Dynamic Designs version.

Level Select

  • All credit for the original information and screenshot related to the level select debug feature goes to The Cutting Room Floor.
  • All additional details, which aren't found on The Cutting Room Floor's page, were added by Semerone.
    • Jumping inbetween two boxes in the hidden level select will cause Zenki to get warped to the level indicated by the box on the right side. So, if he jumped inbetween Stage 1-1's and Stage 1-2's boxes, he would end up being warped to Stage 1-2. (by Semerone)

Kishin Douji Zenki 2 - Den Ei Rei Bu


Main Game only

  • 7E1C0663 - Infinite Lives
    • If you use this code, you will never get a Game Over.
      • You will still lose your hearts and die, but you can continue playing the jump-and-run stage.
      • If you die in an anime sequence battle, you will restart it normally.
  • 7E149A10 - Guren can't do anything
    • If you use this code, Guren will stay in place and won't attack you in his jump-and-run stage boss battle.
      • After dealing the final blow to him, Guren will slide to the left side of the screen and vanish. From here on you will need to deactivate the code to progress with the story.

Anime Sequence Battles only


  • 7E1E2476, 7E1E259C - Infinite Health (first player)
  • 7E1E443F, 7E1E459C - Infinite Health (AI or second player)
    • These cheats gives the AI or corresponding player infinite health but makes them unable to do anything.
      • If the cheat is deactivated, they won't be able to act unless they take a blow.
      • The AI might or might not take action after being hit, while the second player is free to continue the fight normally.
  • 7E1E2400, 7E1E2500 - Very Low Health (first player)
  • 7E1E4400, 7E1E4500 - Very Low Health (AI or second player)
    • If you attack and use this cheat while in mid attack, your attack knocks out your opponent instantly, if it connects.

Special Bar

  • 7E1E3FXX - Special Attack or Recover (first player)
  • 7E1E5FXX - Special Attack or Recover (AI or second player)
    • If you set XX to 08, the AI or corresponding player will always be able to use their Special Attack or recover their health.
    • If you set XX to 00, the AI or corresponding player will never be able to use their Special Attack or recover their health.
      • The anmount of times you can use the Special Attack or recover is shown by white bars on top of the corresponding player's hud. If you have no white bars left, you can't use the Special Attack or recover.

Color palette/AI

  • 7E1E2EXX - Changes the first player's color palette
  • 7E1E4EXX - Changes the AI's or second player's color palette
    • Set XX to these values to change your color palette.
    • If used with an AI opponent, a Hiruda colored Guren, for example, will behave like Hiruda.
      • 00 - Zenki
      • 01 - Guren
      • 02 - Goura
      • 04 - Hiruda
      • 08 - Hyouinomi
      • 09 - Karuma (second form)
      • 0C - Gagara
      • 0D - Karuma (first form)

Testing notes

Color palettes/AI connection

While I was testing some cheats in Den Ei Rei Bu's anime sequence battle mode, I found out that the color palette of the character seems to be connected to their AI. An AI Karuma with Goura's palette acts like Goura instead of acting like herself. This also leads to funny things like a Zenki with pink hair (Zenki with Hiruda's palette) or characters with messed up colors.

You can also play against an AI Zenki in the VS COM mode. In my opion Zenki is the easiest AI opponent, while Goura is the hardest.

Color palettes/Game Crash

If you use any other values than the ones I wrote down, the game might crash or default you to one of the 8 character palettes. When the game didn't crash, most of the time I either got Hiruda's or Zenki's palette.

Alternate color palette

Den ei rei bu multiplayer karuma 2 glitch palette

This image shows the normal second form Karuma and the second one with the messed up or glitched color palette. The second second form Karuma's palette is always the same, no matter what stage is chosen for the anime sequence battle in multiplayer.

It is also interesting to note that, if, for example, Zenki (first player) fights a foe (AI or second player) with Zenki's palette, the foe will have Zenki's alternate palette. This also works with all other characters.

Even Karuma's second form has an alternate palette. As two second form Karumas fighting each other was never meant to happen ingame, the alternate palette has very strange colors. Her colors are probably read from data that isn't meant to be used for this purpose.

More about Glitch Karuma can be read by clicking here.

Kishin Douji Zenki 3 - Tenchi Meidou


Health (Battle Mode only)

  • 7EF214F4, 7EF21501 - Infinite Health (first player)
  • 7EF216F4, 7EF21701 - Infinite Health (second player)
    • This will show the number 500 beside the player's health bar.
    • The health bar never decreases.
      • If it is used with a character with a maximum of less than 500 health, it might glitch the screen.
      • In an extreme case, a too high anmount of health might even crash the game.

Power (Battle Mode only)

  • 7EF2342C, 7EF23501 - Infinite Power (first player)
  • 7EF2362C, 7EF23701 - Infinite Power (second player)
    • This will show the number 300 beneath the player's power bar.
      • If it is used with a character with a maximum of less than 300 power, it might glitch the screen.
      • In an extreme case, a too high anmount of power might even crash the game.

More content will be added soon.

Testing notes

More content will be added soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Battle Raiden

Chiaki's message (too many lives)

Zenki battle raiden too many lives chiaki

A screenshot of Chiaki's too many lives message from Stage 1-1 of the game.

I don't know, if the "The number of people won't increase any further." message also appears in the normal gameplay. I never had that many lives that I got it without using the infinite lives cheat.

It also should be noted that, if you got this message once, you don't get it again unless you reboot the console or start a new game. I tested this in multiple stages of the game where it is possible to collect lives.

After replaying the game a few times, I had a thought about the following: As any item can spawn randomly ingame when you either destroy the tombs or know the secret ingame places, it might be possible too get this message (after collecting many lives and dying a few times), if you are really lucky.

Den Ei Rei Bu

Karuma's forms

Karuma 2 VS Karuma 1 Den Ei Rei Bu

Karuma's second form VS Karuma's first form

Interestingly the game seems to count Karuma's first form and Karuma's second form as separate characters with their own individual colors and AIs.

This is further proved by the shown screenshot, as both Karumas keep their default palettes instead of changing in their second player ones when being paired in a Anime Sequence Battle.

Just keep in mind that this matchup is only possible by using cheats, as playing as Karuma's second form requires the player to both selecting Karuma in the menu and have the Color palette/AI cheat for her second form activated.

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