aka The Meme Master

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in The Kingdom of Memes
  • My occupation is Retro Gamer, SM64O Founder
  • I am The Meme Master

Hello person who stumbled across my page. I am Freddy (NOT Fazbear, before you ask!) and I am an admin/bureaucrat

I’m not really active because of life but I will be on the wiki almost everyday

If you need anything, shoot me up on my message wall

The Freddy Poll (its back!)


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Some FAQ

Who’s dat boi in your avatar?

  • How do i even put this?  it's this guy, Overseer from Fallout 1, and um... I liquified his mouth, gave him red glaring eyes (this is popular in dank memes), and motion blur. Oh, and a noice symbol too.

Why did you name yourself Freddy?

  • I don’t know, why did I?

What is your proudest accomplishment?

  • Hmm. I can’t decide whether getting an A on a math exam or my Super Mario 64 Wiki.

Do you have any other accounts?

  • Yeah, dis boi. He used to be my Alt, but now he’s mostly my friends account

Why does he say he has no soul?

  • Maybe he doesn’t...?


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