Yoshihiro Kuroiwa
Yoshihiro Kuroiwa infobox photograph Volume 6
Gender Male
Born September 9, 1962 (age 55)
Birthplace Nagano, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Occupation Manga Artist
Years active 1986 - 2014

Yoshihiro Kuroiwa (aka 黒岩よしひろ or Kuroiwa Yoshihiro), born in 1962 in Nagano, the capital of the Nagano Prefecture in Japan, is a Japanese family man, who has a wife and children. He works as a mangaka.

Yoshihiro Kuroiwa has the bloodtype 0 and has always done his best to follow the footsteps of the famous mangaka Yuuki Rin, both of whom have chosen Ecchi as the main genre for the representation of their works.

His other works are settled in the genre of mystery, dictionaries featuring photographs and other special types of subjects. Most of these works have been released via the publisher Shueisha.

His most well known masterpiece and all-time favorite of his fanbase, though, has been the series 鬼神童子 ZENKI (Kishin Douji Zenki), an original work by his colleague Kikuhide Tani.

His role in the KDZ Team

Yoshihiro Kuroiwa is the artist, who created all the artwork seen in the Manga, the anime, the games and the OVA of the Kishin Douji Zenki series.

The only exceptions of this are some of the author comment section drawings depicting his colleague Kikuhide Tani and the photographs of the original Kishin Douji Zenki team, which were photographed by a currently unknown photographer.

His cultural influence

Yoshihiro Kuroiwa once had the great honor to become an assistant to the famous mangaka Katsura Masakazu, during the latter's work on a short story called ビューティビースト (Beauty Beast) in 1983. This short story marked Shueisha's entry in 1983's 26th Tezuka convention alongside the partial short story 舞子ミステリアス (Maiko Mysterious) for the Fresh Jump Awards following Shueisha's flagship journal "Weekly Shonen Jump"'s official departure.

Outside from Katsura Masakazu's influence on his works, Yoshihiro Kuroiwa also wrote a book about self defense, that received a honorable poster, which was featured in Kenya and Australia, but was overshadowed by a well received work, which came out at rougly the same time.

This work was his series "Kishin Douji Zenki", which he had been working on alongside his colleague Kikuhide Tani and which had then been released from 1992 to 1996 via the "Weekly Shonen Jump".

Other than that, the series has also been released as the only major work by the Tokyo Television Network Co., Ltd. (aka "TV Tokyo") in 1995 as an anime series of the same name.

After Shonen Jump's separation from Shueisha in 2000, Yoshihiro Kuroiwa continued to create manga and anime for both young and adult readers and viewers, most of which are classics by now.

A list of his works

This list gives a short overview of Yoshihiro Kuroiwa's works.


  • サスケ忍伝 (Sasuke Ninden / Sasuke Ninbutsu)
    • "Weekly Shonen Jump", 32nd - 41st week of the year 1986, 1 volume, publisher: Shueisha
  • 魔神竜バリオン (Mashin Ryū Barion / Machine Dragon Barion)
    • "Weekly Shonen Jump", 22nd - 32nd week of the year 1987, 1 volume, publisher: Shueisha
  • 変幻戦忍アスカ (Hengen Sennin Asuka / Fantasy Fight Ninja Asuka)
    • "Weekly Shonen Jump", 23rd - 40th week of the year 1988, 2 volumes, publisher: Shueisha
  • 不思議ハンター (Fushigi Hunter / Mystery Hunter)
    • "Weekly Shonen Jump", 32nd - 48th week of the year 1990, 2 volumes, original work by: Yukihiro Iizuka, publisher: Shueisha
  • 不思議ハンター Special (Fushigi Hunter Special / Mystery Hunter Special)
    • "Weekly Shonen Jump", an extra publication of the year 1989, 2 volumes, publisher: Shueisha
  • 鬼神童子ZENKI (Kishin Douji Zenki / Demon God Child Zenki)
    • "Monthly Shonen Jump", December 1992 - September 1996, 12 volumes / 7 volumes (rerelease), original work by: Kikuhide Tani, publisher: Shueisha
  • 流星超人ズバーン (Ryūsei chōjin zubān / Ryuusei Choujin Zuban)
    • "Monthly Shonen Jump", May 1998 - April 1999, 3 volumes, publisher: Shueisha
  • 怪奇まんだら (Kaiki Mandara / Mysterious Mandala)
    • "Monthly Shonen Jump", August 2000 - March 2001, 2 volumes, publisher: Shueisha
  • ベイブレード大戦 聖龍伝 (Beyblade Taisen Seiryuuden / Beyblade Holy Dragonlord Competition)
    • "Books for 3rd and 4th graders / elementary school students", 2001 - 2003, 2 volumes, publisher: Shogakukan
  • ふわふわ (Fuwafuwa / Fluffy)
    • 2003 - 2006, 5 volumes, publisher: Takeshobo
  • 漫畫ACTION (Manga Action)
    • Issued on March 27, 2004, 1 volume, publisher: Shobu company
  • 永遠のそら (Eien no Sora / Eternal Sky)
    • Issued on March 28, 2005, 1 volume, publisher: Juvenile breaking news agency
  • おうたま (Ōtama / Ootama)
    • Adult manga, released on April 19, 2005, 1 volume, publisher: core magazine
  • 魔法連者 THE MOVIE 地獄魔人的新娘 (Mahō ren-sha THE MOVIE jigoku majin-teki shin musume / Magical Soldier THE MOVIE the Devilman's new daughter)
    • Special manga collection (KADOKAWA COMICS Special A), issued on March 1, 2006, Tokusatsu ACE magazine issues 11 - 14, 1 volume, original work by: Toei, publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
  • ステージガールズ (Sutējigāruzu / Stage Girls)
    • Comic GUMBO, January 23, 2007 - December 11, 2007, 2 volumes, original work by: Asami Kaminoge, publisher: Sankei Shinbun publishing)
  • ふぃぎゅあ こととねシークレット (Fuigyua koto to ne shikuretto / I and that figure's secret)
    • Issued in October 2007, 1 volume, publisher: Takeshobo
  • マクロスF 超次空歌巫女ランカ (Makurosu efu chō ji sora uta miko Ranka / Macross Frontier - The miko Ranka's Song of the Heavens / Macross Frontier)
    • "Monthly Comp Ace", April - July 2008, 1 volume, publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
    • The short series later got adapted into an anime.
  • バディスピリッツ (BUDDY Spirits / Buddy Spirits)
    • Composition of Takeshi, "Monthly Hero's", February 2012 - June 2014, 6 volumes, original work by: Miyuki Kishimoto, publisher: Shogakukan)

One shots

  • ガールズインユニフォーム (Girls In Uniform)
    • People Setting

Short story collections

  • 黒岩よしひろ短編集 夢語り (Kuroiwa Yoshihiro tanhenshū yumegatari / Yoshihiro Kuroiwa short edited dream talk / Kimichi Yoshihiro)
    • September 1986, publisher: Shueisha Creative
    • "Kimichi Yoshihiro" is a collection of short stories related to dreams, that were written down by Yoshihiro Kuroiwa.


This gallery covers all images showing Yoshihiro Kuroiwa alone or alongside the other members of the KDZ team. It also included his self portraits from the Kishin Douji Zenki manga's author comment sections.

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